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what kind of food eater are you?

what kind of food eater are you?
 45%  [ 15 ]
 33%  [ 11 ]
 9%  [ 3 ]
Vegan, Anorexic, Bulimic, or other eating disorder
 6%  [ 2 ]
the world isn't a vampire; I am
 6%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 33

It's not healthy to be vegan, but I can just hear the thought police whining now. Sure you can choose to eat gravel, but simply choosing to act neither makes it right nor appropriate. Note to the dim: I'm not claiming gravel consumption is part of being vegan.

The CDC has documented two cases of neurological impairment in babies who were breastfed by mothers on a vegan diet, which does not allow any meat, fish, seafood, or dairy in the diet. The babies suffered from a deficiency of vitamin B-12, even though both mothers claimed to have taken supplements, says the report, which appears in the Jan. 31 issue of the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

The world is a vampire: reference
I am not really choosy when it comes to food. As long as the food isn't poisonous, definitely, I'm gonna eat it. Hehehehe! Very Happy

I do prefer fish than meats. I also love seaweeds. They're my favorite. Smile
I like fish the best
and sometimes i'd try some meat
same here. I like fish alot Smile
I really like steamed Alaskan King Crab with drawn butter
i just had sushi for the first time in my life yesterday and i actually kind of liked it. actually i did like it and everyone that was with me thought it was sick, expecially my girlfriend, she couldnt stomach the idea it was raw fish and octopus wrapped in seaweed. i recommend it too anyone to give it a try at least.
I'll eat any type of food (note: must actually be intended as food, not something else), as long as it tastes good. I don't eat spicy food much, but I actually have a fairly high tolerance before needing a drink.
I eat all kinds of food...though I nice slab of steak would have to be my favorite. Razz
Vegans should start eating eggs!!! Haha nobody is a Herbivore.
hmmm no vegetarians? yay
haha, it's an interesting poll. i think everyone should be an omivore since being born.

for me, i am this kind too. But i prefer more vegetables than meat. i like soya bean and its products the most.
Personally I'll try anything once and if I like it I'll keep trying it.
well, for me, every kind of "delicious food" is my favorite choice.

however, I cannot keep calm if I couldn't eat meats for a week....
i'm a herbi, although i eat and drink alot of milk and milk products.
i don't eat fish nor meat nor eggs. and i am a very strict diet-er and exercising and all that.
the world isn't a vampire; I am Laughing
i like meat, especially cows, pigs and dogs

but i eat about anything, lots of vegetables, fish
but i wouldn eat any invertebrates like crabs or octopuses or insects...eek
going to puke just because the thought
also american fast foods have similar effects on me. it is no no Rolling Eyes
Haha, I'm surprised that "Cannibalism" isn't one of the options in your poll. Laughing Oh well, I guess that people who eat another member of it's own species would choose the "Other" option.

As for me, I'm an Omnivore. I would also have to say "Whatever tastes good" as I don't like very many things. Basic common things for me I suppose, Pizza, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Steak, other things of the sort.

- Mike.
when it comes to food i would like to eat meat... the other isnt so important... and when i eat i always drink alot)
I voted

Vegan, Anorexic, Bulimic, or other eating disorder
I would have to say that I am a carnivore, because that's really all that I eat is meat. I hardly ever eat any vegetables. Meat is a good source of vitamins and minerals that your body needs, that vegetables do not have. So yes, I must be a carnivore.
I love meat and eggs, either bacon and egg (mmm grease) or a big f*** off steak tenderised to perfection and grilled just till the edges start to fry and go that wonderfull colour of orange.... *drools*
I'm either poor in science or english here.

But, whats a person that eats both meat and veg?
meat meat and a little fish
i dont really eat to much haha...
i hate most oof food
i easy being disgust
i hate fish most
i had a nightmare about fish but it was actually pretty realistic
i smelled it...

kidding Wink
although its true Razz
herbivore hehehe
i only eat vegetables
You need to take certain vitamins if you are a vegan - that refuses all animal products. I forget which ones but it was a very big deal in nursing school as I remember.
I am an omnivore. I get on kicks where I like to eat healthy. Alas, I typically revert back to doing the great American thing and eating poorly.
I'm definately an omnivore. I basically eat everything I come across Razz

There are only a few things I don't eat, really. They include: chocolate (didn't see that one coming, did you Wink ), mint, most types of cheese and wobbly foods.
Otherwise: cram it down my throat and I'll swallow!
Twisted Evil meeeeeeeeeeeeeat.......... Twisted Evil
hey.. Im a veggie..... just herbs.. and eggs... thats all.. Notin else
I hunt deers and goats.

Oh, I also live in a cave [with a cable connection]. Very Happy

Jack_Hammer, I like your sig =)
well being an indian, i at mostly vegetables and very very rarely like once or twice in a month i eat junk food
i like pepperoni pizza!!!
i love how vegan is with other eating disorder.
I am a vegan!
I dont know about anyone else in here, but has anyone noticed that being vegan is becoming a fad? Where I live, if you are into punk/hardcore music, there is a good chance you will either beccome vegan or straight edge or even both. These kidss are vegan for like 2 days since it is cool, and they say they will fight you if you eat meat in front of them. I am from Santa Cruz CA. I am tired of seeing all these wannabe vegans claiming how eating meat is wrong when they have been vegan for a week or two.
Very Happy I defiantly fit under the carnivore section (I eat occasional vegetables but would prefer not to as I hate the taste). you cant beat meat Smile I have to say I enjoy my meat cooked Bleu (yes it is spelt right Smile its a French cooking term for lightly seared an all sides roughly 5 - 10 seconds a side) its soooo good *drools* Razz Smile

Although if I'm not eating meat, I will be eating sugar Smile not exactly the healthiest diet, but oh well. Smile
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