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ABCO-World!! Check my website

Hello, Take a look at my sites:

(best view in IE6, I'll be working on Firefox, Netscape and Opera.)

Any suggestions will be welcome.

Check this new template for my Music section. Tell me what you think!
(I made everything, from graphics, code, flash, music, everything is mine. hehe Wink

I want feedback: -colors are right? -pleasing to the eye? -etc.


Hi @ all,

this is my first posting in this forum. I need some more space to put files, which are downloadable on my page:

Please visit if you like trance music or if you like to have some fun.

yours, morningstar

OK.................................... Smile More suggestions?

And Do you Like it?
yeah, this site is very good, it can support the php. so you can put site here. And the site you post here , i see ,but very unhappy , i cant find it.
If the above URL does not work try this one then:

This was the previous URL:

Keep the suggestion comming!!! Laughing

Hello guys Very Happy I just put a new track in my website. Come check it out. Smile

Click on the Signature Banner at the bottom to go to my website and Enjoy!!! Have a good Day everyone! Smile
It is nice, but choose a different background... do you know why they call it a "background"? Very Happy because it chould not be too striking... make it a little bit more peacefull... solid... that's my opinion of course Smile

But: De gustibus et coloribus non disputandum. Smile

James Smile
Hi 007,

your site is nice and I like your player and your music. Very Happy

I would change the background to a less obtrusive one, too. Shocked

Sadly the playing music stops while hovering your menu-buttons, because of the embeded sound to these buttons. Confused Try to build up a player where your users can listen to your music while browsing your site. May be just by opening it in a new window. Cool

Keep on flashing, morningstar
the site is nice the only problem is the color... Smile
I figured the problem after I made a loop player for the website. Everytime time someone hover a navbutton it took out the sound because of the script in Flash. I took it off but I never realize that It will happen to the Players. I am going to use JavaScript for the navagation buttons instead, maybe that will solve the problem.

I had a lot of people suggest about the color beign to bright and background. I just want it to make it different, you know. But looks like I'm going to change it, do to the demand. [3 people, lol].

Thanks for the suggestions.

need flash 7 ,my browser doesn't support it.
Finally I have finish with this prototype. check it out and send me some feed back.



I think your enter page is really cool although the colours don't mix that well.
Actually, i take that back, once at the home page the colours do go togeher, really, really well in fact.
There is one thing annoying though. When you hover over a button it makes a weird noise. This is not appreciated by people who are trying to listen to music or working at a library. I'd get rid of it if i was you.
Also on the new stuff section you have text saying "New stuff goes here". This seems to be a tepmlate text, tell me if I'm wrong, so it should be changed to something like "This is New to the Site" or something like that.

The animation on the movie section is really cool by the way Very Happy
it's very colorful
but i have a headache when looking at the site
Hello guys,
just letting you know of my new improvement made to my website.

-Radio (Only works when my comp is on. Anyways, I always leave the comp on. I am still working on modifying code so when my server is down, the website will display, offline. Right now if my server is offline the box will not display anything. Omg, I just had an idea, I'll try it later.) Smile
-New photos on gallery.
-Easy Right Click Navegation.

I'll keep adding more stuff. Ohh I love this.......

Guys here is my latest website I am posting:


Check this new template for my Music section. Tell me what you think!
(I made everything, from graphics, code, flash, music, everything is mine. hehe Wink

I want feedback: -colors are right? -pleasing to the eye? -etc. And of course any suggestions also wecome.
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