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do you work when you are sick?

do you still work in normal routine when you are sick? how do you work when you are get sick?

me, depends on what kind of sickness i got but if it is minor i still go to work to enjoy and forget what i feel after work hours you can feel you are in better shape again, but of-course if its heavy i will file a sick leave.
Yeah... Sometimes, when I am eager to do something in a limited time or excited about something to do, then I ignore my sickness...

You can call that eagerness and excitement an Addiction too... Very Happy
Mostly I also work when sick, but this is more forceful, brought about by demands and phonecalls.

Still, I kinda like my job, although I detest the politics and backbiting that goes on in the workplace.
I think its the latter that causes me to be sick in the first place.

But for major sicknesses, I do take leave, albeit I still have to support over the phone most of these times.
I would get the sleep that I need. Usually I sleep more when being sick.

But I would still work. May work less and take the time for a good rest.
i would rest and get enough sleep to regain my strength and back on the track again.....
I usually continue working when I'm sick, it kind of depends on how sick I am. If I have a cold I will keep doing what I normally do, including sports, but when I have a fever I do take care of myself and take some rest until I feel better. And even then, with a fever, I may try to get some stuff done at home. But that really depends on how bad I feel, if I feel really bad I'll just stay in bed.
when it is very important and urgent to work then i work
other wise it is hard to work when i am sick
I don;t like to work when I am sick, but sometimes you just need to do what needs to be done anyway.
if you feel like you are not well then why do you have to force yourself to work? it's always good when you are in bed and have free time to think about your health.
baboosaa wrote:
if you feel like you are not well then why do you have to force yourself to work? it's always good when you are in bed and have free time to think about your health.

Although I agree that taking rest is good I believe I can also answer your question. Why work when you are sick? It depends on how you define 'being sick'. If having a cold is classed as being sick then the answer would be that you will be better in about a week (two at most) regardless of whether or not you do anything. Granted, if you rest you may get better a little sooner, but the level of discomfort during most colds is so low that most people can put up with it easily and as such can continue with working.

At the end of the day it is all about listening to your body. In most cases you will get better regardless of whether or not you take some rest. All taking rest does is speed up the process. There are situations in which it it wise to speed up the process, but also ones where it is not really needed.
If the sickness is due to some kind of infection, it is sometimes difficult to continue. However if it is incidental ( like injury), it is much more difficult for certain number of days to pursue any physical work with the injured part. The first type involves both physical and mental inability and the second one only physical inability(if not a brain injury).

Now regarding sick leave, not all the private organizations( specially in third world countries) have it. Mostly the medical leaves are treated as "Half Pay Leave" and in some worst cases after 2-3 days, leave without pay. So it also depends on whether you can afford to take the leave or not. Wink
I have a comparably high pain tolerance and usually gut my way through it (and when I haven't had enough sleep.) If it gets bad enough I'd tell my boss, though, in case I'm more prone to making mistakes. Also, as I muddle my way through middle age, aches and pains and the demands of my body are becoming more difficult to ignore.
Like everyone else so far, I too work through sicknesses. First, it's usually just a cold and if I'm going to feel miserable anyway, I might as well be making money! Smile Second, I'm a manager in my building and if I call off, it makes things more difficult as there are only a few of us who can open and close the store. So, unless I have something contagious (like pink eye or strep), I'm at work.
you should not work if you have a transmissible disease and you could infect your workmates.
If I have minor cold, I'll try to shake it off.

I'm at work right now - working through my cold ... feeling miserable
i always work when i am sick but i driving wheelloader so i work alone most of time
it was written by a writer, spiritual one. He said we have very much contradictory behaviors. When we are kid we always want to grow old and do things that old people do. When we become old then we miss our childhood and long for it. And same is about work. We work so hard to make money for ourselves and in that process we become ill. And we spend all our money to regain back our health. We humans live as if we are never going to die and die as if we have never lived.
I don't encourage others to work when they are sick but I don't necessarily follow that rule myself. If it is a virus I really believe people need to stay at home, not only in the person's own interest, but in all those at work as collectively when every one else gets the virus productivity suffers much more than just the one person who is sick. On the other hand, maybe people need viruses to build immunity against whatever strain if hanging around. Probably a million ways to look at it.
I do work when i am sick, But i do not do much work or more work when i am sick than when i am normal. As working when you are sick will not come up with something creative.
I will not work when i was sick.
But i like to do.
If it's just a cold and I need the cash - I try and work through it. Although it's completely dishonest because my stamina and motivation drop to around -10 during that time, but hey, last time I called in sick, I was told that I could lose my job if I don't come in.
Well, I don't work there no more Razz . Quit as soon as I made enough money.
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