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I've been wanting to go to Australia for a while, however I'm not exactly sure which part of the country would be best to visit. People have told me Melbourne, while others have said Sydney. Which would you prefer?
What are you looking for in a holiday to Australia?

For a start, do you like cities or the natural world? I guess you are looking at cities, and I don't know what would be better, I'm biased from Melbourne but yes Sydney is very pretty. Melbourne doesn't have as much to offer in a tourist attraction type of thing but if you are staying for a long time then Melbourne is probably better to live in. Unless... well... I don't know.

But when I'm travelling in Aust I spend as little time in Sydney as possible because I'm not interested in cities there are much better places.

How long are you planning to spend? Are you working? Do you like cold or hot?

And note, if you have been watching Australia the Movie then Sydney is nothing like the outback... if you are attracted by the landscapes in Australia the movie then don't bother with Sydney or Melbourne...
I have to echo what Hello_World said, it depends on what you are looking for. Sydney has much more 'touristy' stuff, but it's very busy and not laid-back at all. Melbourne is much more pleasant and better for long-term stay.

I am from Perth, and I must say, that I enjoyed my visit to Melbourne more than my visit to Sydney.
I like Australia. Me watched lot of pictures and scenarios are mind blowing. I will definitely visit one day
One thing for certain, the Ozzies are fantastic with fire works. I don't like fire works myself, but the ones in Sydney during festive occasions like last night are spectacular. I've also seen them competing in Vancouver, Canada.
i dont have any idea about Australia .. is it good .. and how is live over there and how much does study cost ?
Life here is good. LOL your question is hard to answer.

I have no idea how much study is because it is different for a non-Australian to an Australian.

Where are you from?
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