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My Leaderboard for My Upcoming website!


Give suggestions.

This will be the leader board for my website I am developing, just need to know what I need to work on inorder to insure that it is best for what I am doing.

My website includes: Skyrim, MW3, Minecraft.
Looks ok, but plain. It would look better with a few Minecraft / Skyrim characters in the sides surrounding the title

Or maybe you can do what Google does in its logos and make the characters form the lettrers themselves.

That would be cool I guess. Try it out ans we shall see if it looks good.

Hope u have Photoshop experience to do that. Very Happy
I'm going to go out on a limb here and presume that you're exactly a photoshop guru. That's fine, most people are not, that's the default and it is nothing to worry about. You just keep learning and using it until you get better at it. Online tutorials can help immensely (especially those about achieving certain effects because those teach you how and when to apply them in future).

So if my understanding that graphics is somewhat new to you at this is correct, then there's no need to pretend otherwise. Keep it simple. A nice simple elegant font over a clean or subtle background texture can work wonders (and more importantly - at this stage, hide a multitude of crappiness).

My advice is go for something a little less colourful and little more professional looking. Look at the major website's logos and banners for inspiration. Those logos and headers are often very simple, memorable and don't look like a World of Warcraft fansite. Your site may well be one of those, even. But that's no reason for it to look tacky or immature. It doesn't need a great deal of character or personality to it's design. It just needs to not give negative suggestions at this point. Like this is a kid's website or this is done carelessly, what it does it say about the site?

I'd pick out a clean font:

Type the site name in the text area to see how it'll look.

And then have a look on google images for some background textures. Experiment with that and see it gets more desirable results. Good luck.
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