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The most strange and original books?

I have recently read a book from a relatively unknown author. It turns out the book is fantastically strange, funny and original. I thought I would share it as well as ask what is the strangest book you have read? I'll start off with the book 'Nascent Illusion.'
There was a very strange book that I read when I was younger. I couldn't tell you what it was called anymore, but it made little sense, and all I can remember are a few images.

Those images are, of course, because they were either particularly odd, poignant or maybe a bit on the disturbing side.
I read this awesome book way back in 6th grade (Razz) I wanna read it again so bad ,but I can't remember the title I think it was something like the last, or the lost star, but it was about this girl who crashes on a planet where she meats this scientist and they start studying these creature they call lumpys (I think) and they think that they are really dumb. Then as they are digging in the planet they find a rock that they can break and get through, but then it turns out that it is the lumpys space ship and they are really insanely smart.

I wanna read it again so bad, it was a really good book. Smile
I know this very famous book that is, at the same time, different and original. It is called "The Neverending Story". I bet you have watched the movie at some point of your lives, but please, if you have the chance, read the book! It is a marvelous and fantastic piece of literature. It is my favorite book since I read it for the first time five years ago. Very Happy
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