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Political Tectonic Plates

All this crisis with the Euro... talk of the tectonic plates are shifting
.... you cant help get the feeling that 2012 is going to be a momentous
year for world events.

Personally I have had the feeling for the past 6 or 7 years that
2012 was going to be ominous.... the end of the world even !
( hope Im wrong ! )

Moderator Edit wrote:
mathiaus: Topic Title modified to avoid confusion
I don't think you posted this in the best forum but to sort of answer your question, yes, there does seem to be more activity with the tectonic plates maybe because the planet is on the verge of a polar shift.
I think seventhheaven meant that we are going to move into a very significant year in 2012 as far as politics are concerned. There could be a toppling of the Euro that may have an enormous ripple effect right through Europe and affect the borderline Euro countries in a dramatic way. Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain come to mind. It could completely destabilize the region. We're going to see more of those Protest Groups emerging and Governments changing, even being taken over by economists such as has just happened in Italy.
Yes I'm meaning the political tectonic plates ....

No doubt Hitler felt them shifting in the 30s and tried to
take advantage of them.

Now its the world financial system that seems to be creaking
and cracking under the strain and threatening to collapse .
seventhheaven wrote:
No doubt Hitler felt them shifting in the 30s and tried to
take advantage of them.
Interesting point ... i.e. applying a 30s template. But maybe the 30s type of template could be more of an economic than a military war? The German economy seems to be in tremendous shape versus the 30s - unless something real bad should happen to the Euro. The economic position of the UK is not completely dissimilar from the military one it had during WW2.

I guess it may be worth watching out what the economists and Banks are doing in cahoots with Governments who are dependent on those for their economic survival. I'd like to see a leader yet that can stand up to its banking industry. Which looks like political suicide, which goes to show how every powerful the Banks have become.
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