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Clothing sizes

No fashion forum! Maybe that's why there is a poor proportion of girls to boys Question

Anyway, I hate shopping to the extreme and in particular, clothes shopping. I hate it so much, I no longer go shopping for clothes, I buy them all online. My problem is that I'm stuck at a weird size where despite every designer using different size guides, I manage to always be between small and medium and have to guess which size to buy, half the time guessing wrong and having to send the items back, ordering the other.

One example now for a top ->
S = 76-81
M = 86-91

I'm between 81-86. I want to loose a little bit of weight, but then put a little of muscle on so I want to stay the same size as well.

I will order small in this instance but I am willing to bet I'll end up sending it back for the medium. Rolling Eyes

Several people have told me to get a girlfriend as they would do all this for me.

How do other people manage it? Do you get it done by someone else or just smash and grab once a year or is there some trick you know to make it fun to do?

Please share...
I hate shopping for clothes as well. The only way I can buy online is if I already that manufacturer's item (say jeans) because every manufacturer seems to have their own idea about 'size' no matter what any 'standard' says. So off to the store I go - growling and grumbling.
I, too, find myself faintly detesting shopping for clothes. But most of the reason it's kind of a pain is because you need to try all of the clothing on to make sure that it fits. Ordering online and just hoping that it fits you is just asking for trouble. It'll be easier in the long run to just suck it up, put aside an afternoon, go to the IRL store and bulk up your wardrobe for the next year or two.
It's not just the trying everything on, I find it easier and quicker to browser styles online than in stores, to compare prices, etc.
I'm not a fan of people at the best of times but when people go shopping it seems to be ok to bump into people and generally be rude. I dislike the fact that there are always, even at quiet times, so many people around and that they are rude/stupid.
I dislike the arrangement of clothes in clothes shops and the whole atmosphere. I don't go there obviously, but Abercrombie & Fitch shop's are like a nightclub. Why would you want a shopping trip to have the feel of clubbing?

Maybe I'm just very grumpy Not talking
Yeah, actually I hate shopping for clothes, and yeah, I'm female. (But I have to admit I do like shoes...)

It really annoys me that all the sizes are different.

I notice that in department stores I can fit into a smaller size than in brand name stores.

I can't say why. One of the reasons I avoid brand name stores is for that reason. That, and the excessive prices lol.

Online shopping would be a huge gamble, I can't imagine I would ever get the right size.

You may find you don't like the clothes your gf would buy, mathiaus. I have tried to buy stuff for my partner and he hates them. Granted I try to buy him fitted tops that I like... but he rather wears his old spiderman t-shirt where the face of spiderman has literally worn off LOL.

I don't like shopping mostly because I hate all the fakery around me, all the advertisments and fake attendents and uniform shops and so on.
Hello_World wrote:
Yeah, actually I hate shopping for clothes, and yeah, I'm female. (But I have to admit I do like shoes...)

It really annoys me that all the sizes are different.

I notice that in department stores I can fit into a smaller size than in brand name stores.

I am also a female and I also have this EXACT problem when shopping!! The sizes are all different, and definitely, department store sizes tend to run bigger while brand name ones seem to run smaller~!!
I'd go for the medium and if it does not fit correctly return it for a different size. Like one would do with normal shopping. A number of my expat colleagues are doing just that. They hope for the best with the size and make sure there is an option to return if necessary. It's annoying of course to have to return it, but for someone who is shopping averse, still a better alternative than going out to shop.
By the way, Mathiaus, good to see you posting even if the clothes don't quite fit. laugh
OK. I've been looking for this one place I've used once -, impressed with their sizing as it did work out OK for me. Every clothing item comes with its own individual sizing chart. Like this one for example:

And they do have a return policy.
One shop, the size was fine, the other, even the small was too big. Nothing I can do about that though.
Still, that was a good shop for me Very Happy

It's also nice to know that I'm not the only one who has this problem. Makes me normal and less weird Cool
Too much guys here! Indeed!

well, I must buy 3xl in shirts...

I got 40 " waist and 38 " length on the trousers - big time problem!!! The most stores have trousers only for 36 " in length for 40 and above in waist!!!!

There are special jeans stores for example where you can get me suze BUT the cost is the tripple!

A pity...
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