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Help Me Choose A New Career Path

I'm a 31 year old computer programmer. I've been studying Mandarin Chinese for about three years. I want to start working towards a new career, one that makes use of my knowledge in Chinese. Note that I don't want to move to a Chinese speaking country at the moment, I'm looking for a job which uses my knowledge in Chinese, not one that happens to be in a Chinese country.

Some of the options I'm considering:
History of China
Chinese History of Art
Chinese Literature/Poetry
Entomology specializing in Chinese insects (which will include studying Chinese texts)
Tour guide for Chinese tourists

I would appreciate any feedback on this, especially since I have no idea what are my chances of landing a job in any of these areas. Also if anyone has any other suggestions for other areas of study I'd also appreciate it
Are you looking for an IT job that now involves your new language skills, or a move out from the IT industry altogether, where your linguistic skills will be your bread and butter skill set?
The latter - I want a job where speaking and/or reading Chinese is done on a daily basis. I don't think working in IT would make that possible, unless I work in IT in a Chinese speaking country, which at the moment I'm not inclined to do. If you are aware of IT jobs which allow me to incorporate Chinese, I'd love to hear about it Smile
Translation sounds great and so does tourism, but I wonder how much you would get paid for it though. I notice large numbers of Chinese from Mainland China setting businesses up all over the world, perhaps you could do some research into that and offer your skills as a total package for helping them settle in an English speaking country. I've seen someone doing that in Vancouver, Canada, but focusing on a different language. She combined it with her recruitment and networking skills. And focused on technical people looking for technical jobs and employers looking for technical people. Next thing she was also offering services for helping people rent their homes, and finding tenants for homes, and it just kept expanding. So maybe you could do some of the same, headhunt people with IT skills from immigrants from China, perhaps even start your own recruitment agency.
I don't know of any exact jobs but I can almost guarantee that with the larger corporations (Microsoft, Oracle and the like) they would have projects spanning different countries and project managers with multiple languages under their belts would be desired.

Then there are companies expanding into China. If they could centralise their IT resources at their corporate office and have you working there, but also have you available to talk to their new China outlets or whatever. They may require you to visit them but only temporarily, if at all.

I'm on the lookout for a new job and often come across jobs that fit me perfectly apart from needing another language. Haven't seen Mandarin but the ones needing another language always linger for weeks while all the standard one's disappear.

I'm sure if you looked there would be IT jobs requiring Mandarin and even if not, ask. People may not expect anyone to fit their spec so don't post it and come up with another plan. You could save them a lot of money if they get to know about you!

Sorry I don't anything specific for you but I'll keep my eye out. Just don't want to see you drop all of your IT experience as well. Good luck though regardless Smile
Thanks Smile that's very encouraging to hear. I'll definitely make it my first priority to search for an IT job that uses my Chinese skills.

As for the headhunting option, I'm afraid there aren't many Chinese living in my country. But I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
Maybe you should choose history of China, then use your programming skill to develop a software to provide them to people in very interactive ways.
It depends upons your's need - If I was at your place I would choose History Smile
cause I love it specially Chinese
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