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Aquino-Cojuangco: Facts They Don’t Want You To Know


Here's my partial transcript of the video:

1899 Philippine-American War
General Antonio Luna transported the wealth of the revolution, millions worth of gold and silver coins from Ilocos Treasury and Governor of Pampanga, the home of his girlfriend Ysidra Cojuangco. After three days, General Luna was assassinated by Aguinaldo officers. The gold treasures of the First Philippine Republic suddenly disappeared. Even the American forces couldn’t find it. And so in 1900, Ysidra Cojuangco became one of the richest women in the Philippines. Central Luzon is forever changed.

Ysidra’s brother has four sons. They will inherit the vast Cojuangco fortune. Philippines’ most powerful and influential family and this is how it all began…

Money lent to farmers with land as collateral. If farmer can’t pay, farmland taken away. One by one, farmlands became Cojuangco property – Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan. Cojuangco Landholdings increased dramatically.

In 1920s, Ysidra helped establish Paniqui Sugar Mills, Finance and Mining Investments Corporation, Philippine Bank of Commerce.

By 1930s, the Cojuangcos are the biggest land-owning clan in Central Luzon, owning 12,000 hectares of land, controlling the rice trade of the entire province of Tarlac.
A family who became Philippine heroes, presidents, and saints, own countless monopolized corporations(PLDT, San Miguel, etc.), own countless lands and haciendas. It all started because they stole money from revolution???

If this is true. It's no wonder why Cory restored democracy and made The Philippines, the country of oligarchs, by the oligarchs, for the oligarchs.
we cannot confirm if the video is legit or not.
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