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Photoshop CS problem

Okay heres a strange one from me. I used to run Photoshop CS with no problems at all. Installed it and just went with it doing whatever I wanted and it orked fine. As of late the program runs so slowly. Whenever I try and render anything it takes like two minutes to do it. Yes my paging file for windows is on the same drive as my scrap which I kno is bad, but as far as I know it was the same way before..I only have 1 drive and a USB drive. which if I used woulfd just slow it down even more. Any suggestions on how I can fix this problem. Please let me know. i want my Photoshop back...
Aelita wrote:
As of late the program runs so slowly.

how much free disk space do you have? As a percentage of total space is that less than 20%?
maybe you need more RAM or more hard disk space, try uninstalling any unnecesary programs
"maybe you need more hard disk space"... wow great idea.

echo .... echo .... echo ................. echo ....
It could be that you have unnecessary processes running in the background. This is usually due to installing new software that runs all the time, or can be due to spyware or even virus infections. Firstly I would suggest running a virus and spyware scan. Make sure the products are using up to date definitions. If this doesn't stop the problem, then uninstall software that you no longer use. If the problem still persists, then use MSCONFIG to check what is loading on bootup, to do this do the following:
- Click on Start, then Run
- Type in MSCONFIG
- Click OK
- Click the STARTUP tab

OK, now here shows what is loaded on startup, if there is anything there you don't like the look of, then remove the tick. If you don't know, remove all the ticks and click OK. You will then be prompted to restart. Once back in Windows, you will get a message saying you are using selective startup, OK this. Now try your program, is it still slow? If you have removed all the ticks, then it should have solved your problem. You can put the ticks back in one by one (rebooting between each tick) to identify which one is causing the problem. Once you have identified which one it is, you can leave it unticked if it causes no problems when using your system, otherwise uninstall the application it is associated with. Reinstalling the problematic application may resolve the problem.
Okay maybe I should have given more info like I wiped my hard drive just for this reason. So there is no new software. Also I have more RAM than before think I had 128 before. But now I have 1 gig. and I have 10 gigs of space on my harddrive...

Actually it appears that I have the copy that i pirated before buying on my system as well.. The install file that is and I backed it up along with my realone and was installing that one instead. Trying the real one now see if that changes anything

Well nope that not the problem. Now it telling me I dont have enough RAM on my system which is impossible as I explained before.. I have more now than I did before..

I would think you've got too much stuff hugging resources in the background.

Start the task manager, go to the processes tab and look at the percentage of CPU that the processes are using.

then open up Google and type in the name of the process that looks suspicious or is using a lot of CPU. eg ANYTHING.EXE and do a google search, there will be pages that will tell you what the heck it is.

Another thing, do a viruse scan. but before you do that, update it to the latest viruse definition (many peple don't bother, not saying you're one of them).

Lastly look for spywares, use a programme called Spyware Search and Destroy. it's excellent.

p.s, and if the situation is seriously getting out of hand, back up all your documents and format your computer.

Windows often needs this kind of treatments (bloody windows).

Before you go to format your computer,
make sure it's not some stupid background program...

like Antivirius software, Firewall, NORTON escpecially. Norton is bad at that.

End all of the none neccesarry programs (through the task manager.)

Then Run it again.

If that doesn't work then i would probably back up my docs and reformat.

Good Luck,


p.s. I hope this helped. Smile


I agree with SunJay, run an antivirus and antispyware also.
Because spyware often contacts the web, it could be wasting your processing power.
Aelita wrote:
I have the copy that i pirated before buying

well since you've apparently purchase PS CS2 you should contact Adobe FIRST Very Happy
If you have norton virus scanner, delete it
that program is to heavy.

i have avast and thats much better it is not that heavy and it is working better
i think. you have more updates so thats cool

The KiteSurfer
please dont listen to kitesurfer, i have norton antivirus, and it does slow somethings down but thats the cost of having pertection. i never notice it unless my hard drives are sleeping or if im closing battlefield 2. that game does not want to let go of resources.

incase your lieing for legal reasons and you actually are using the cd image of it. the cracked exes dont work they all suck. look for a keygen for it.

also press ctrl+shift+esc and check out the processes running. like actually look up the processes in google and see what they are. thats the easiest way to find what shouldnt be running.

and listen to the people suggesting spybot it owns.
i had that problem try to erase thing sfor more space
it wrote to that strech disk is full
after iw was slow a week
try to add ram and space
hope i helped good luck
[self snip]
KiteSurfer wrote:
If you have norton virus scanner,

definately uninstall it.

farrengottu wrote:
please dont listen to kitesurfer, i have norton antivirus, and it does slow somethings down but thats the cost of having pertection

no, that's the cost of POORLY DESIGNED SOFTWARE. If you can instead install Symatec Antivirus VERSION NINE.

Major wrote:
i had that problem try to erase thing sfor more space
it wrote to that strech disk is full
after iw was slow a week

Yes, I asked something like that and received ZERO response:

gonzo wrote:
Aelita wrote:
As of late the program runs so slowly.

how much free disk space do you have? As a percentage of total space is that less than 20%?

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Wow, this quickly turned from Adobe Photoshop CS problems to what kind of antivirus software should be used.
I think it would be you need some more ram.
Or I could be yoru cdrive free it up a bit and maybe defrag your computer.
Here's my advice for all windows pc's:
Format system drive every six months if u use it for fun and games Smile, and every three months if u do anything more.
Another thing is that u really need at least 2 partitions: one for the system and another for documents and programs. It would be better if u had three partitions (system, programs, documents) but it doesn't make any sense on a 10gb drive. And preferably NTFS file system.
Formatting is a totally extreme and unnecessary procedure unless your windows has completely screwed up. If you're sensible about what you install and defrag often there should be no need to do it.
Marcin_K wrote:

Format system drive every six months if u use it for fun and games

this is a foolish waste of time. If you realllllly want to go down this road invest in TrueImage 9 or later, and as ALWAYS have at least two physical drives, learn how to wisely partition, and ONLY refresh your OS/ base-programs partition

Otherwise look into Faronics DeepFreeze(Pro)
Possibly just a slow computer - try using a faster computer to render.
I've been a huge user of PS for a long time, and I also run a lot of other processes/app's at the same time.

I'd have to say that checking for "nasties" would be my first stage of attack. Run Spyware S&D, AdAware, and check your running processes with "Hijack This".

I would also strongly recommend using a registry cleaner like Registry First Aid to clean up some of the crap in your registry. A lot of times, the garbage in the registry can also slow up your PC's performance considerably.

I would try all of these plus the obvious system tweaking of unnecessary background system processes and services (use the Services tool to check for auto run services that you don't really need).

not sure if someone has mentioned it already, but Ive seen a similar issue on a machine before that had a bad stick of ram. So try testing your memory chips one by one.
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