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How is/was your life in the university/college?

I've been in my university for a year. Um..It's complex.
Sometimes it can be so busy that I can't spare any time to have a rest. Usually we have 15 to 20 classes(90 mins for each) every week. But many students don't study until it's a month or so before the final examination. So it is with me. In this way it's not that busy as I feel.
We don't have classes in the same classroom with the same classmates anymore. We may not know all of your classmates even after a year. But we have roommates Very Happy , with whom you build a stronger relationship.
Some teachers try to remember each of his/her students and interact with them in class. On the other hand, some may never know about you.

It seems different people choose their own life in the university.

How's yours?
There is a lot of change in my life after joining college. I have my college out of my city. So it take almost my whole day for my college. So I can't give time to rest etc.

My college timings are 9 AM - 4:20 PM. So I use to off to college about 7:30 AM and come back around 5:30. Only 30 minutes break at 12:30-1:00.
Currently semester exams are going on.

However, I met new friends, and changed my Life because I don't have a single friend from my school side or society side Rolling Eyes
Uni definitely keeps you busy. Especially when you're trying to take your mind off someone. Most of my time was spent studying. Whenever I wasn't attending lectures/tutorials/labs, I was studying at the library. Social life was almost non-existent (excluding the awesome friends I've made over the past year) but I guess that's what you have to do to get good grades and stand out from the rest.

Going to uni directly from high school was probably the biggest "woooaahh" moment for me. The workload was insane, the amount of content packed into a single hour was ridiculous but you learn to adjust and of course, develop good study techniques to deal with the work.

I'm still in uni studying computer science but I'm also a software developer... and let me tell you, once you dive into the workforce or join a research team... that's when the real learning begins. High school, university... whatever. That's just to prepare you for the real deal.
@davidv. If we had a plus button, I'd have used it for your post. Great post!

How's the new job coming along?
deanhills wrote:
@davidv. If we had a plus button, I'd have used it for your post. Great post!

How's the new job coming along?

Thanks Very Happy

It's awesome! The people there are really friendly. I even met a first year compsci undergrad (like myself!). Everybody there is really smart and backed by decades of experience. I don't have much experience so it's very comforting to see that even after all those years of experience, there still comes a time that when they encounter a head scratching problem they won't be able to solve it without asking for help.

If you're interested in what we're doing, you can check it out at It's a web based email client with tonnes of features (yet maintaining a simplistic design). It's currently in it's alpha and there are loads of bugs but we're all working very hard to squash all if not most of them. Laughing
Looks like a niche market as I have not seen anything like this before. Nice Website! Cool
How is/was your life in the university/college?


I have full of memories mixed with bad and good emotions.. totally good.
My life after Schooling can be said as a nice life, got great friends, had an enjoyable time, lot to learn and lot to discover, lot of initiatives during that period brought entrepreneurship spirit in me Smile

Post Graduation was a lot different, here I learnt that 90% students use washroom during exams to cheat from chits kept there, Learnt that it's bad to be good to world - People eventually do tell lies or will try to take advantage of you to get their work done. Smile
University was close to home so I commuted everyday. Less expensive than Dorms but probably lost out on a good experience.
Considering that I'm just home after the first semester exams, I don't have a lot of experience to share, but...

Till now, it's been kinda bittersweet. There's this homesickness considering how little I get to go home, but I've grown out of it. I'm doing architecture, so the workload is kinda huge. Long nights, long nights! And now learning the act of jumping over fences, lying to parents... Razz
I hated it whilst I was doing it. It was stressful and the work load was a big difference to previous study. But now that I've completed my degree I want to study again, so in reality it can't have been that bad.
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