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Unfriend in Facebook...!

While checking my friends in Facebook profile and I found that my friends are decreasing Shocked , I checked with few name and I found all them in my friend list, so I got confuse that who unfriend me? so is tehre any options to know that who unfriend me? I didn't tried any scripts which I found while searching in Google, the simple reason is I don't believe upon them, so If you're using any scripts/software/application to find the unfriend list plz share me...!

Very Happy
I don't even touch virus plagued facebook. Did a simple search and found the answer:
Now facebook really needs a 'dislike' button and I am not talking the virus/scam.
standready wrote:
I don't even touch virus plagued facebook. Did a simple search and found the answer:
Now facebook really needs a 'dislike' button and I am not talking the virus/scam.
Well said for me too. What's going down right now - i.e. the viral thing - is a complaint of many of my friends. Some don't know what friends they have included on their pages either and started to post less as it's grown out of hand. One has to be very vigilant and careful what one posts, and kids who post don't have that extra layer of awareness what the consequences can be.

I find one has to be careful with Google's Blogspot too. I thought I had a personal blog (I don't post much of personal in it and it was thankfully under an alias but still wanted the contents to be restricted), until one day after I'd been away for a lengthy bit of time, Google had reset all my posts to public and I found comments in them from spam. I then deleted the Blog and was never back again. The appearance of being able to control privacy is an illusion. And definitely not as much under our control as we may think it is. Especially when it is a large organization like Google or Facebook.
If you unfriend someone, it simply removes then from your friends list/their friends list with no notification to the person.

I do not know of any way to get notified.
Well ! For people like you,there is a FB app going round these days ! Simply search for the app on Facebook,you'll get the information regarding your doubt ! Razz
I also think that the unfriend option, doesnt show you on their friends list, but am not much of a facebook user. I mainly use it to wish people on their birthdays or genenral occasions.
Once in a while, I'll check out the photos of them posted on my wall.

I think probably they might have enabled the privacy option to see who views what they post, but am not sure of facebook and all of its features.
Still facebook is very popular among a lot of people, that its become a marketing platform for a lot of companies.
I've also seen malware on it from some people's posts there as well.
Well, if someone "unfriends" you, its nothing to be really bothered about, as long as you are happy with yourself, and the real friends you have in life, instead of facebook.
Alright, I'll say it.

If a person can suddenly and without warning vanish from your social sphere and the only reason you even notice anything strange has happened is because your group seems a little bit smaller ... maybe, just maybe, that's not what a friend is.

The English language needs a new word here.
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