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Android Rules

How is it that there aren't any Android topics on this Forum?

With the flooding of Android OS in smartphones, tablets and laptops, I think we should start one.

I'm running on SGS i9000. If anyone is in to Android, please share. I hope the moderators will spin off a special forum header for this.

We could start with custom ROMs.... Wink
1. use search function

2. in case you wondering why the number is low compare to other topics, you can knock your head and ask yourself: if i want to talk about android, should i post here or in specific android's forum?

3. you need to have 5 quality posts, not this kind of post. maybe a good review on your current android device will be a good start.
I'm not looking for anything Android specific. But that's exactly what I'm inferring. I'm new to Frihost, but from what I see, it seems like a pretty complete forum that covers lots of topic.

I'm wondering why it doesn't attempt to start a Android specific section. There's never too many forums on Android for Android lovers.
what part of "use the search function" that you don't understand? there are 289 topics about android here.
Wow..u're rude...
I guess you don't understand English very well...or organization of topics...
either way, thank you for your feedback and have a good day.
I am also using android phone just only for apps. downloading game and more.
Virtually what badai said, you can get DVI > HDMI connectors bargain basement. Relies on upon how old the machine is however you may battle with 480p or more.
Hi Everybody, I use android in my smartphone and I think its a good operating system. Andoid have a high portability and most of useful applications are available and free. In addition of desktop softs, adroid system has a good gaming environment that I like specially ones operated by Unity Engine.
I am also using Android operating system.
I like this because it is easy to use and lots of liberty in that operating system.
Google play store is there you can download lots of app.
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