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Relationships have their positive and negative things

Well. I am still young and 21y old. I recently had a relationship of 4 months and a half which ended. I finally thought we could hopefully settle. I mean. I am tired of starting over again every time meeting a new girl/woman...

I have had two other long relationships, which were approx 9months and 13 months.

So hard to find the right woman maybe? Some don't seem to understand you like to do something like going on a holiday together. All she responded was like you already are seeing me two times a week and I still have to go on a holiday with you?

I actually kind of dumped the girl i was 13 months together with for that girl. Well I will never do it again. how many twists we have!

Well somewhere I still have time. But I at least hope to have a stable relationship when i graduate
Mrs Lycos
jonashendrickx wrote:

Well somewhere I still have time. But I at least hope to have a stable relationship when i graduate

good for you you have it all planned out, getting a degree, finding the right girl, falling in love, getting into a stable relationship and finally marrying her.

Bad news love doesn't work that way... unless you want a "canned love" and find someone who's already planned the same thing as you, and you both don't interfere with each other's lives much...
thats true
Are you serious? She didn't want to go on a holiday with you???

That woman is mad, better off without her LOL.

Good luck finding the right one. I'm sure you will meet her.
You will find the right person eventually, I would not worry about that too much. Knowing that you want to settle down and meet the right woman is great, but like was already said by someone else: love does not work that way. At least, not precisely. You may find a stable relationship by the time you graduate, or you may not. I personally find that I meet the best people (women) when I'm not actively looking for them. If you try to look real hard you may overlook people in the process, or you may appear forced, which may make other women not interested in you.

My advice would be to relax and to just go about life in a relaxed way as well. You will run into the perfect woman for you one day, and until then it is just a matter of waiting till that happens and maybe trying (this is not meant as harsh as it sounds) to see if maybe someone you meet is that perfect woman.

You are bummed out due to breaking up recently, which is perfectly understandable. Just do not despair, there is no reason to. At all.
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