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Tech Buzzword

Hi to all

I am startingthis thread about various tech buzzword, post Buzzword and a small description on it..

i am starting with.


A piconet is an ad-hoc network of computing devices using Bluetooth technology protocols to allow one master device to interconnect with up to seven active slave devices (because a three-bit MAC address is used). Many other slave devices can be inactive, or parked, and the master device can bring parked devices back into active status at any time.
HyperTransport (HT)

HyperTransport (HT), formerly known as Lightning Data Transport (LDT), is a bidirectional serial/parallel high-bandwidth, low-latency computer bus. The HyperTransport Technology Consortium is in charge of promoting and developing HyperTransport technology. The technology is used by AMD and Transmeta in x86 processors, PMC-Sierra and Broadcom in MIPS microprocessors, NVIDIA, VIA, SiS, ULi/ALi, and AMD in PC chipsets, Apple Computer and HP in Desktops and notebooks, HP, Sun, IBM, and IWill in servers, Cray in supercomputers, and Cisco Systems in routers.

HyperTransport runs at 200-1400 MHz (compared to PCI at either 33 or 66 MHz). It is also a DDR or “Double pumped” bus, meaning it sends data on both the rising and falling edges of the 1400 MHz clock signal. This allows for a maximum data rate of 2800 MTransfers/s per pair. The frequency is auto-negotiated.

HyperTransport supports an auto-negotiated bus widths, based on two 2-bit lines to 32-bit lines. The full-sized, full-speed 32-bit bus in each direction has a transfer rate of 22,400 MByte/s, making it much faster than existing standards. Busses of various widths can be mixed together in a single application, which allows for high speed busses between main memory and the CPU, and lower speed busses to peripherals, as appropriate. The technology also has much lower latency than other solutions
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