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Job work environment and ethics

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I was reading this article yesterday, and thought I'd share it with you and get your views as well :-

I've worked with a few companies, and have most of the problems listed there.
I had sufferred from overburn (working way too hard), and not getting appreciated for it; the politics, the backbiting and the usual negative stuff that goes on in companies in general all over the world, I would guess.
Most of my life has been spent working in the middle east, so I know mainly about that work environments, although Dubai is different; there is a form of respect for colleagues, yet there is also politics that goes on there as well.

Right now for me, as much as I like doing what I do, I feel there's not going to be any growth scope, and I just wait for the salary at the end of the month.
menino wrote:
Right now for me, as much as I like doing what I do, I feel there's not going to be any growth scope, and I just wait for the salary at the end of the month.
I'm experiencing much of the same. But am wondering whether this is the end-product of being a slave. Which technically we are if we are working for someone else. When we have to do the bidding for someone else, it is quite logical that the expectation would be to dance to the tune of someone else, who may be either logically or illogically organized and do things that may not make sense at all. We have a choice. To stick it out and work with what is available in order to survive. And forget about it at the end of the day. Or try and make it a better place, but usually at the cost of ourselves. Even when we are not working for ourselves we'd probably get the same situation the other way round. Employees who expect us to behave in a certain way that makes sense to them, when it does not make sense to ourselves. We could probably reduce the risk in that we only work for ourselves and have no employees, but then we'd probably have customers that we have to keep satisfied. It's an imperfect world wherever we find ourselves if we want to earn a living. Think the best case scenario is like Ocalhoun suggested, to organize our lives in such a way that we won't need to work or be dependent on others for most of our lives so that we can do as we wish. Think that to me is perfect intelligence which regretfully I'm not equipped with, so far anyway ..... Wink
I understand exactly what you feel Deanhills :d, in terms of being a slave, but my thoughts about this are = what if you are made aware of the system / procedures in place... much like a roadmap; and you know your place in it, and know where you will grow in it as well.
Say, for example a tree is a company, and you are just a leaf ... every leaf grows, and the branch it grows on also grows, and produces fruit, and you play a part in producing that fruit, by taking in oxygen, and conversion of carbon di-oxide, for the tree and for the fruit, and you get nutrients from the tree.... and that system cycle your in... if you get my analogy, that you KNOW your part of something and contribute to it in harmony, instead of just "for the heck of it".

I also want Ocalhoun's philosophy of not having to work for anyone than yourself, but my take on owning my own business is terrible... in that I've already tried it in the computer service market, doing freelance jobs, and got peanuts for it.. plus the fact that I really can't seem to sell myself to new companies.
Some people I guess are the tree and some people the leaves, some are the fruit.... and some like my bosses are the monkeys on top of the tree. Laughing

Besides this, I want to be able to use some of my talents both as a hobby as well as a way for independent income, but juggling that and work and time takes real skill as well, which I dont have yet acquired.
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