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Which side to use a cane on?

Same or opposite of the injured side? Many people advise to use a cane on the side opposite to the injury. I think they say this assuming the injury is not very severe and the injured side can bear half the persons weight. And the cane is mainly used for balance.

If your leg is hurt really bad and won't support any weight then I think it is best to use a cane (or crutch if you need additional stability) on the same side as the injury to act as a weight bearing splint. It makes no sense to me using cane on the opposite side from a non weight bearing injury.
Though I've never actually needed to use a cane, I'd be downright suspicious of anybody using one for their uninjured leg. They're probably using it to conceal a ninja blade or surprise party popper something.
I'd have thought it ideal to have two crutches so as to balance things out instead of a cane. Question
I wonder how that would work - to use a cane on the opposite side of your injured leg.

It would make more sense to use the cane on the same side of the injury, to ease pain, and to lessen the strain on the injury.

Crutches are good, I guess, but probably make someone look like robocop, and probably a hindrance to not be able to carry anything, given that the hands arent really free.

I've seen on tv, where one old guy uses a can which has 4 legs... I wonder what the use of that is for?
menino wrote:
I've seen on tv, where one old guy uses a can which has 4 legs... I wonder what the use of that is for?
Was that the Fox Movies Wild Wild West with Kenneth Branagh? He was in a wheel chair but in one of the scenes with Will Smith he had an attachment for four spidery legs. Kenneth Branagh played that character brilliantly!

menino wrote:
I've seen on tv, where one old guy uses a can which has 4 legs... I wonder what the use of that is for?

Stability, presumably.
A 4 legged cane is a lot more stable than a regular cane. They are so stable and free standing that if you were to fall you can actually pull yourself up with that that alone.

One interesting feature of a 4 leg cane is that the legs are off set from the center of the vertical cane section. It's offset so it doesn't trip you and can be rotated to have the offset clearance on which ever side you need.
i have seen older people use the cane for balance.
not necessarily for an injured leg but for a week mascel.
for injured legs or leg i beleive crutches are the best for quick healing.
some also hold a cane for fashion, just to enjoy a kind of walk i think.
Right! Who hobbles around with a cane because they've mildly wounded a leg anyway? People just use the cane so they can still overcompensate for something while on a footpath.

The cane represents their penis. And they don't hobble, they jump around it like a pogo stick.

You're welcome for the mental image. Wink
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