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Google is going to start New Service

Apple has been create a remarkable history through its 4 S-Series Technology in iPhone with the facility to send SMS and even email using voice command. But the problem is that it only takes command in English and even only American or British accent instructions are acceptable. In India, the phone is proving to be denied this facility.

But now Google has introduced the new technology, through which android users are able to talk with their phone in their own languages, and will be able to command them. According to company is going to add a natural language processing feature in Google Voice actions. It will make you able to speak to phone in your own language. This feature has been the named of Majel.

In the next few months, Google will use it for the search query. After that it will provide all the facilities.
So does this mean then that I can speak in English and communicate with someone in Japan in Japanese when I use this new phone from Google? Sounds great! Probably also going to be a little hilarious as sometimes there are really strange meanings that come out of faulty translations. Very Happy
Well, Google Voice actions already supports several languages as it is. A quick look shows English, Arabic, Afrikaans, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and several others. If you download the Google Translate app, you can talk into it using English, it will transcribe your voice, translate it to another language, and then speak it out. It actually works really well and I've been looking forward to trying it out abroad.

By the way, Google Voice actions have been around quite a bit longer than Siri. Just seems like Majel will expand upon it with artificial intelligence to use natural language. As of now, you can command an Android device by voice, but only with a set number of commands. However, voice to text capabilities are superb, so for writing text messages and emails, it's fantastic.
Oh good. If online translation services have taught me anything so far, it's that this kind of innovation will only lead to every single country thinking every other single country is too arrogant/lazy to learn another language and their speech is completely spastic , therefore they are different enough that it's okay to bomb.
Everyone should just speak English anyway. Wink
truespeed wrote:
Everyone should just speak English anyway. Wink

Mandarin says hi as it ruffles your hair from somewhere around it's thighs.
Only people in China speak Mandarin pretty much,there are English speakers all over the world,plus i read somewhere that including second languages,English is spoken by more people than Mandarin.
Really sounds great. Smile
I am using google translate since a year and its most efficient and improving day by day.,
we should thank google for providing and researching this awesome products which are not for making money but just to serve.
Thats the thing that keeps me close to google.
Wow... sounds nice. I've seen this feature in Google search which allow to Speak and search.

If I will add a e at end, it becomes Majele Razz which means have fun in my language... Very Happy lol

truespeed wrote:
Everyone should just speak English anyway. Wink

Agree Razz
The part that already exists with search is cool and works well.
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