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Computers : What's Your Best Find Ever ?

Hey everyone,

I haven't seen this question posted on here before, so I thought I'd ask it to everyone.

"What's your best find ever in computers ?"

For me, it would be this. I went into my local Salvation Army to browse around for enjoyment and stumbled into a computer tower with the following specs :

- Equus Nobilis (Manufacturer & Model)
- P4 1.7GHz CPU
- 512MB RAM
- 80GB HDD
- 32X 12X 40X CD-RW Drive
- ZIP250 Drive
- Floppy Drive
- Windows XP Pro installed with Serial Key on side of case

The price ? $25.00. I bought it immediately and walked out of the store as happy as could be. What made me buy it was a "P4" sticker on the front, the CD-RW drive, and the ZIP250 Drive. I thought that if it wouldn't have worked, I could have stripped it for parts or try to fix it. My eyes popped out when I seen what kinds of specs it was reading when I booted the machine on. I swapped the hard drive from that machine with the 40GB hard drive that was in this machine, re-installed Windows and here I am now. Very Happy That's probably the best find I ever got with computers. No monitor, keyboard, mouse, or power cords were included with it, but if I were to buy any, I could have got that system for under $100.00.

How about you guys, what was your best find with computers ?

- Mike.
A couple of years ago, I picked up an old partially destroyed system outside of the local dump, and upon taking it apart (since I got it strictly for a replacement floppy drive), I discovered that taped to the inside of the metal casing were several brand-new, neatly folded $50 bills.


All total, that seemingly-worthless old beat-up system yielded $250. (which was used to pay the light bill that month. LoL)
Apple iBook G4, 14 inch...

It was fre because I won it, so it's absolutely cool!

Go Apple Razz
An 20year old pc! i got it from the friends of my aunt. the software was fully destroyed but the hardware that rare. i got 500 for it at ebay
An old commodore 64/128 in the basement. Rolling Eyes
some old disk drive, case, motherboard, ram, etc. I found them in my dads home office and put together an ok comp but best of all it was the first I built completley from scratch.
cobbling a pc together all for 15bux

P1 200mhz overclocked to 250mhz - found 2nd hand
32megs ram - scabbed off a pc i found on the street
5.1 sound card - 2 bux at sale
10/100 network card - 4 bux 2nd hand
2 hdds - total 8.4GBs storage - 2nd hand 7 bux
Pioneer dvd-rom - transfered from an old pc i had
vga display card wic 4 megs of onboard ram (hey! it suports 32bit trucolor)
wired kboard nd mouse - 2 bux 2nd hand oem
17inch crt - redundant after buying new 21 inch lcd
windows 2000

bottlenecks mek it kinda stuffed but it works well enuf to b a file server
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