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Samsung launched the first dual screen mobile

World-famous electronic company Samsung is going to launch dual-screen phone in market. The beauty of it, it have two screens not only one.

W -999 name of the phone and put the two screens of 3.5-inch full touch screen phone. Android 2.3 gingerbread works on this phone. The CDM and GSM phones can support both networks.

The mobile phone has five MP camera that can make videos of 1080 pixels. It has 16 GB of internal memory as well as much of it can be extended by SD card.
I like Samsung for its screens and this sounds like a great idea. Am certainly going to check it out, thanks for bringing it to our attention. Very Happy
Huh? First dual-screen phone? I haven't heard of this one, personally, but this certainly isn't the first.

Technically, several flip phones in the past have had dual screens. But the first dual screen Android phone was the Kyocera Echo. And, more recently, we had the LG Doubleplay.

Though I have to say I haven't screen a revolutionary use for a dual screen cell phone quite yet. Perhaps this one might bring something new to the table.
Did you see the pictures? The phone looks beautiful.

My cellphone is a Samsung and I really love it. I think I'm becoming a fan of the brand. Very Happy
william wrote:
Huh? First dual-screen phone?

Yes it is first dual screen phone by samsung but not overall mobile phone manufactures.
I mean to say that samusung is not the first one who launched dual screen phone but as i remembered few years ago there was Nokia's Communicator model which has dual screen.
rjraaz wrote:

Yes it is first dual screen phone by samsung but not overall mobile phone manufactures.

Ah, gotcha. Though to be fair, Samsung has made flip phones with two screens before (not that the external screen was useful for anything more than a clock, caller ID, and self portraits). Wink

I have to say, it is quite a sharp looking phone. I was expecting something like the Echo (Nintendo DS-esque) but this is pretty neat. While I personally wouldn't find any practical uses for this kind of design, it actually seems like a spiritual successor to the Motorola RAZR.

Hmm, seems to be launching in China at first. Wonder if it will reach other markets. I would love to see Ice Cream Sandwich on this.
Think this feature allready avail in some cheap mobile phones made in Korea and china.
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