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Using Social Networks

This is a personal experience ,
While I was trying to increase my personal website visitors ,
I used to ask friends for a back link , even do some free css and graphics for it ,
However this does not change my web state much as I got random visitors clicking my link by mistake but not actually interested in what I have !

These less than 30 sec. visitors didn't help and I was bored begging for links anyway ..... So I decided to move to plan B .....

I had already a Facebook account with a list of some close friends only like 40 friends or less , But I created a page with my website name , and search for people on FB who have same interests then I added them , So I created a small community on FB

I also did the same with twitter , linkedin , .... etc .. and installed a share plugin to my website

So every time I post a new post , I just click share buttons to let people know about it Smile

Then I found tweetfeed website , and the amazing Yahoo pipes ... these save the effort of clicking
Both auto post to your accounts based on rss feeds ....

Now I get like 2000 visitors / day without spending a penny on advertise or offer free stuff

One thing that is important if you are trying to have more visitors , Give them some interesting content , Or they will ignore you totally

Hope that help Smile

Thanks for reading

Great post Hazem. Learned lots from it. Particularly the tweetfeed website and Yahoo tubes. Awesome idea for social networking and creating the kind of links that Google likes.
Very Happy
Yes, content is king. Either way you do it, if its good people will find you.
First of all thank you for this great tip!
I;m agreed social networking sites are the best source for getting more visitors, if your friend lists with the same niche lover they will definitely browse your site directly and they also promote.
nice post. I agree With you about social networks like Facebook, twitter and myspace are very cheap and best way for getting good traffic.
you can find better back links and traffic towards your site using social networks. As these social networks are penetrated in every field.
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