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Basic Latvian phrases

Hey guys, had a thought, that there might be people who are interested in learning some of Latvian language.

Latvian is second oldest Indo European(closest to Sanskrit) language after Lithuanian and one of only two Baltic languages! As a reason for being second serves harsh history of Latvia(crossroads of East and West).

So, here we go:

Hi! - Čau!
Hello! - Sveiki!
How are you? - Kā iet?
What is your name? - Kā tevi sauc?
My name is Janis. - Esmu Jānis.
How old are you? - Cik tev gadu?
26! - 26! Very Happy

For the first time didn't want to make anything too much, I think it's quite enough Smile

There are off course other forms, how you could tell these things, but I wanted to keep things nice and clean and teach language, the way people are actually communicating!

Also I want to mention that I do speak Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and a bit of German too, so people using these languages speak up! Smile

Guys, if you like this topic, please, let me know!
Interesting language. The first greeting looks almost like the Italian Ciao greeting!

Very Happy
Actually, you are correct!

We took our Čau from Italian Ciao, that, I guess, happened somewhere in 50's or 60's or even earlier. Now it has become so common greeting in Latvian, that when I was a little kid I didn't knew Italians use the same form of greeting, and for me it was a big surprise! Smile

But, now there are times when it happens to be a bit confusing, because Brazilians use Ciao, to say goodbye(for greeting they use Oi), so there sometimes occur situations when I meet some person and want to say Čau instead of Oi! Very Happy

It's cool, that you are interested in Latvian, by the way, if it's not a secret, from where are you?
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