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Recommend Books

Well i like reading books but its really hard to find a good series and well time i hard to come by. So i would like any one who recommend me a few Adventure and Thriller Series but these should be non-fantasy and well i hate when romance pop up so it should be free of Laughing any kind of romance.
Well if any one know of any good horror series as well . I like to read them as well.
Maybe The Goosebumps Series, or The Omen Series
Adventure Series

Clive Cussler - Dirk Pitt Series


Stephen King - The Dark Tower Series
Brian Lumley - Necroscope Series
Anne Rice - The Vampire Chronicles
I have already read the GooseBump series but haven't read the Omen series . Is it also from R.L. Stine.

I have got the Dirk Pitt series now and am goint o read it as soon as i get time.

Any way thanks for your recommendations
Another series that you might enjoy, though it is mystery, and does have some romance (though it is not much, and it does not get in the way!) would the:

.... In Death series of books by J.D. Robb

A psychological thriller series you might want to check out:

Alex Delaware Novels by Jonathan Kellerman.
When it comes to modern horror, I would also recommend King (not thereby said that it's great art - but it sure hits with avengence Wink
Masochistic Tendencies
Still Life With Crows
by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Jack Reacher series
Lee Child

Murder thrillers XD
Masochistic Tendencies
Still Life With Crows
by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Jack Reacher series
Lee Child

Murder thrillers XD
I suggest Robert Ludlum and Michael Crighton books
I sugest the Bourne series by Ludlum and the books by Frederick Forsyth. Forsyth's may be quite outdated but they are very good books that teaches us more about real history than many school manuals, altought they are Fiction.

Those are the ones I read, by Forsyth:

The Odessa Files, about a journalist that follows the lead of an ancient nazy war criminal that became a famous and rich industrialist.

The dogs of war, about a group of mercenaries and all the tricks they used to plan a coup in an African country.

The Negociator, about a retired hostage negociator called upon to negociate the ransom of the US president's son. He ends up tracking the kidnappers down and discovered an huge conspiracy by industrials and ...

The fourth Protocol, about the smugling and assembly of a nuke in the US by soviet agents.

The day of the Jackal, you know what about.

I think I read some more but I don't recall their title.

Good reading Wink
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