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Are pets allowed in your university?

In my university, students are strictly forbidden to raise any pets. After all, wastes are quite annoying. But teachers may have a walk in the campus with theirs. My drink was ever blown up by a dog(siberian husky, perhaps? I don't really remember.).
Inside the university buildings I have never seen a pet so I guess it's not allowed. At home you can of course have pets and outside in the campus area you can walk your dog if you want.
No pets allowed in any of the Universities I've been too, either on campus or the dorms.
Oh, maybe I should add that my University doesn't have dorms and the campus area is not closed so anyone can go there. So if they have any rules about pets they only apply inside the buildings.

EDIT: I found some rules for people working at the University saying they are not allowed to bring pets to work. The reasons was hygiene and allergies.
Hmm I'm actually going off to University next year, but so far from what I've heard the most that is allowed are small animals, like hamsters and such, and only at very few colleges here (Harvey Mudd, I think is one of them, and maybe MIT and CalTech? Not too sure).
No! In my university they are strictly warn if we have any pets or mobiles
Pets strictly prohibited on my university.
Basic Mobiles are allowed like mobile without camera etc..
You may not take pets into my university either. We do not really have a campus but animals are allowed there for as far as I am aware. Dorms aren't there either, so that doesn't apply. As long as the animals aren't in any of the buildings it's fine.
i guess all school adminitratorss will not allowed pets inside the school building.....i never heard such universities will let their students bring pets inside the campus.
Yes, pets are allowed in our school grounds. That's what I think, at least, since I see people walking with their dog sometimes. But i'm pretty sure they're not allowed inside the actual building.
nigam wrote:
i guess all school adminitratorss will not allowed pets inside the school building.....i never heard such universities will let their students bring pets inside the campus.

I once heard about a university where a student took her dog to class. It didn't do anything but sit there and wait for her,. I believe she was the only person in the university who did it, but it wasn't disallowed.
no pets are allowed in my university..
in my university pet are not allowed.
i also i donot want to have pet in university
My college doesn't allow pets for those living in dorms unless they live in water (so fish and turtles are ok). This is mostly for allergies and hygiene reasons. It's not uncommon for professors to have their pets out on the quad though.
I really doubt it. I've never really stopped to think about it, but I've never seen or heard of anyone having a pet on campus, so... I doubt it.
No it isn't allowed... but the staff often has some animals like dogs, goats, chicken, or cats in school...Even administrators bring them haha Very Happy
Students were only allowed to have fish in the dorms. Otherwise, pets were allowed on campus (dog-walking etc.), but not inside buildings.
Pets only allowed on outside of the building on my place..
At my college I've only ever seen seeing eye dogs. That makes sense otherwise they'd obviously be rejecting those students and society would probably hate the school. I don't think pets are allowed in the residence buildings due to allergies and the mess they could make or if they are destructive.

I think it would be awesome to have your pets in school with you cause I'd certainly have my guinea pig sitting on my lap or desk close to my laptop while I work on some crazy project. It would help keep me level and it would be a welcome distraction.

But we all know that there are more problems that would come of such things so I guess I'll have to keep my pets at home.
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