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Finland and "True Finns"

What do you think about Perussuomalaiset ("True Finns")?
Have they got a great idea or something else...
One thing is certain; they have ruined Finns reputation.
I have heard about them on the news but I live outside Finland so I don't know much about them. Their opposition to the European Union and globalism is a good thing in my eyes but they are a bit too conservative in some questions for my taste. Their immigration politics sounds a bit scary. I don't think it's bad to just decrease the immigration but other changes could be bad. As a swede I'm also concerned about the status of the Swedish language in Finland, but I know to little about it to have a strong opinion.

I wouldn't say they have ruined the Finns reputation. You are still the people I associate with ice swimming, saunas, koskenkorva and javelin throw Razz Next year Sweden's men will win Finnkampen/Suomi–Ruotsi-maaottelu Mr. Green
I think everyone should have their own opinion about everything. But i have to say that perussuomalaiset are maybe littlebit too noisy. I mean for example Hakkarainen. He feels like complete jerk. Very Happy But in the end that is the freedom of speech...

Well I don't like those people Smile
"True Finns" are not true finns. They are only protesting. A true finn bites the bullet.

Spoiler: yes, I'm finnish.
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