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>> PC&#8217's << without a hard disk drive

have U ever sin a PC widout a HD drive? i guess u guyz cant imagine either abt it. But here i got few info-pinfo abt it goes...
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SAMSUNG has developed the first Solid State Disk (SSD) based on NAND Flash memory technology for consumer and mobile PC applications. The NAND- based SSD is a low power , lightweight storage media for notebook PCs, sub notebook PCs and table PCs. Using the industry’s highest density 8 GB NAND Flash , Samsung can build SSDs with a capacity of up to 16 GB, the Korean Firm in a statement. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

The SSD has a power of consumption rate less than 5 percent of today’s hared disk drives (HDDs), enabling next generation mobile PCs to extend their battery life by more than 10 percent. The NAND-based SSD weighs less than half that of a comparably sized HDD.

Free of moving parts, the SSD memory has minimal noise and heat emission. Moreover, it is a highly reliable storage media that endures exceptionally well in environments with extreme temperatures and humidity, making it suited for industrial and military applications. The SSD’s performance rate exceeds that of a comparably sized HDD by more than 150 per cent. The storage disk reads data at 57 Mega Bytes per second and writes it at 32 MBps. To ensure compatibility, SSDs have been designed to look like HDDs from the outside. The 1.8-inch type SSD will be available in August 2005 for sub-notebook and tablet PCs. Samsung expects NAND flash applications to expand from current applications in digital consumer appliances, as NAND Flash high- density, data storage medium for the widest range of consumer demands.
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Isn;t it cool ?? Question
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