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Art of writing love-letters

Ever wondered writing love letter is also an art. If not, why not share your ideas what a love letter should be like. Every one believes love letter should be flowery and I do n't particularly deny it but see you should always pour your heart in your love letter thats part of art and every emotions within u when expressed outside is sure a flowery kind of luby duby thing. I have written a lot of love letters and i have included passion, love and attraction as well as infatuation representations in them and i believe it is always great to do that. Hope everyone like love letters but noone is absolutely sure what a love letter should be like. I hope we the people in this forum can discuss about this stuff. Soon I will be posting my love letter sent to my girlfriends in this thread. Hope all of you would also like to share your ideas.
I agree that writing love letters truly is an art. A lot of skill is required to craft a suitably poignant statement and to actually be able to translate your feelings about someone into writing requires great consideration.

Thers is usually a fine balance between something being heart-warmingly good and something just being sickly or worse cheesy. Originality is important to avoid cliches and sounding insincere.

Obviously it does depend on who is writing and who is being written to, but I believe that a well written love letter can melt anyone's heart.

Not that I'm very good at it Embarassed
i agree with you that write love letter is art. I want to write one, but i dont know how to do it? or just post my feels or beautiful word to her?
It has to come straight from the heart.

No matter what your language is and how strong your writing skills are, a love letter is more about expression of feeling and emotion.

Personally I feel that a letter expressing one's feelings in a direct approach, will reach out better than one written in a more conscious manner, and with style.
I initiated this thread and think that I should post one of my love letters her . SO here it is:: My girlfren's name has been replaced by +++!
It has been pushing me towards embarrassment for long. I have tried a lot. Really I had have tried as hard as I could. But I couldnít keep this ache in my head. Having pain in heart really makes me disable and sometimes I feel like I am mad. You are my friend (thatís what I suppose, if I am not wrong, may be you may just take me as a college friend, though college mate and friend are two different things) and therefore I hope you will understand my feelings. If you are not interested too- please try to understand my feelings. I assume you are really annoyed with all these silly talks I am making to you but please try to understand me. It is the matter of fact and it is something between you and me. Please have patience. Please donít get annoyed thinking ďwhat the hell this boy is going to talk about.Ē or else you are impatient to know the fact (to make you furious, just kidding).

+++, you know I feel like joking but it is not the matter of joke. It is my personal pain I have in my heart and I feel like sharing it to you. I hope you will give me the feeling of togetherness in this lonely life of mine. Really it is matter of my life. DONíT THINK IíM FLIRTING WITH YOU, I AM DAMN SERIOUS PLEASE!!!

You may be thinking this guy is going crazy. You know nothing about me, nor do I know much about you. I believe there is love and understanding after intimacy which develops after knowing each other. But it is true, since last few months, I have taken you as the most kind hearted girl, most intelligent, and most convincing. I donít know what is driving me this crazy but I am sure I like you. I am still not sure, do I love you??? See, I know many girls wouldnít suppose me the kind of guy a girl would like to be intimate with, but I assure I am always a good friend. I am not sure but I think, if you ask any girl of my section about me, they would probably say I am a pain in the neck. I never have negative feelings about person of opposite sex, I even make fun out of guys but you know its always fun to make fun out of girlsÖ maybe you may also had experienced my over smartness (thatís what you will be thinking, I guess).

+++, I like you thatís what Iím sure of, but I Ďm still not sure is it love. I donít know what really love is. Look, if love is like doing everything for whom you love, I think this is more like foolish devotion. If you ask me what I can do for you, I will simply say, nothingÖ See, I have known you just a little I think you have beautiful voice and kind heart thatís what I like the most. Let me tell you one thing, when a guy thinks that he likes a girl, he begins thinking lot about her. He might just was attracted to a small part of her personality but afterwards he like everything about that person. And I like everything about you. Is this love??? Please help me outÖ.

See, I would not tell lies, I had relationship with girls, just teenage love thatís what I suppose. It never lasted long. And now I figure out that those were just infatuations. I am kind of down to earth, and think I donít need a girl to be my girlfriend, because you know in relationship, you have to be too formal, and I hate formalities. In love, you never tend to make mistakes, talk little in reality and talk much in dreams. I donít think this is our time to fantasize those wonderful moments with that special someone when we have something we should do for ourselves that would be the best waste of time. In this mail I am not trying to convince you that I love you but I think I love you because I think you can be my best friend. But I donít know why I think you are kind of special to me. Please donít take misconception that Iím proposing you to be in relationship with me, Iím not. I believe you should praise what is beautiful, that enriches its glory. You are beautiful and I donít feel shy to tell that. Maybe, you have a boyfriend, thatís not what concerns me because I Ďm not asking you to in relationship with me because Iím sure Iím not the kind of person you would like. Look, if I propose you, you would simply say NO, and stop talking to me. I think proposing a girl is like taking a risk to lose a friend, and sometimes earn enemies who will bully for no reason because I mistreated their beloved (I donít expect that from you though, but if itís gonna be that far, Iím prepared to be heart broken.) It would never hurt me if you are with someone else because thatís not of my concern, I am begging to know you better, please be my friend. "However rare true love may be, it is less so than true friendship."

Making mistakes is everybodyís job and really I swear I make mistakes and I feel fun to do that. Have you ever wondered if I die (any day, not sure when this craze will kill me, making you furious Hee HeeeÖ) and you feel that I was a headache guy yet can you still forget me the next day. There are many people in our life we get to be with yet very few are special to us and I swear you are most special to me. Having everything that we want is really impossible and for me you are not the exception. Getting your friendship is finest thing I need to have but getting you is like hiding sun with my little fist. May be I am mad but I am pretty sure you donít think so but still assume so. (Donít mind about my language, I am really bad in pouring my heart out.)

I want to remind you again, I am not asking you for love relationship, I am forwarding my hand of friendship. To be in friendship too, I think you ought to like each other, If you really hate me, we canít be friends because befriending one we hate is like compromise, and I hate compromises. I admit Iím not good in relationship but I assure you I am good in friendship. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don't walk behind me, I may not lead; Walk beside me, and just be my friend.

See, Iím sure you had never received this kind of mail from a guy who likes you, but Iím different. You may think Iím weird but Iím not, being different doesnít make me weird. Would you be my friend? Iím sure you are very good in friendship and friendship is what I deserve now. Please mail me back or else talk to me if I approach you in the college. If you wonít talk to me, I will think that my friendship proposal was rejected, but why would you punish me when Iíve not done any crime.

I know we don't get to talk or see each other much. But being apart for now doesn't change the way I feel about you in my heart. Sure I'm lonely, and sometimes I'm overwhelmed with this emptiness in my chest. But, just remember that I love you and everything about you. You are my soul mate, my best friend, my inspiration, and my love. Having your love will be the best thing that will ever happen to me. I don't care what others say about you and me. All I know is that I love you, and that will never change, be that be unjust or one-sided. In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, love and sharing of pleasures.
It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and an day to love someone...but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. And itís just impossible to forget you. I love you not because youíre beautiful, but you are beautiful for me because I love you.

I think you ought to know something about me before before accepting the hand of friendship forwarded to you. I am not sure what to write about me because I donít know exactly what I should be telling you. I tell you I am really very much frank and I would be more than happy if you ask me, your probably good friend.

Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you. You can kill me, if my words nearly killed you...

Dreaming to be your friend.
Well your right . Love letters are artistic . Well ive also writin 2 but i have a really good passion in these . For my age (13) Its really good . I also like starting with something and ending it with a poem . So heres one for all you Lucky girls reading this ( Dont tell this to my girlfriend though ( she will kill me ) ) Well here goes nothing :

Hi , Thats right its me Kai from the land of nowhere . I say this because i am deep in love with you and have lost everything . Here roses are black and violets are brown because everything is sealed here: In My Heart ! . But its not over like that you can save me by replying to this letter . I hope this touches you :

Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue I Love A Girl But She doesent Know
Here Name Is Sara Better Than Anything In A ComputA
Please Love Me As I Love You Too If You Dont Ill Die For EvA


Well thats it and if you look carefully you will see alot of good stuff . Thnk yOU THANK YOU Cool no need to clap ! Laughing
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