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Path to Computer Repair Technician


Hello, I am wondering what are the best steps to take in achieving the title of an official PC Repair Tech, from start to finish. Right now I am unemployed, doing odd-jobs to survive the month, and I require assistance from those who really know about this field so I may start a career. I am still young, 20, so I have plenty of time but I would like to know what I should do to really dig into this field. I feel like school would almost be an unnecessary disadvantage to uphold as there's debt and the complication to get into a school and the overall quality of the school to worry about as well. I can study and learn for myself, but what to study and learn is the question along with many others. There is the CompTIA A+ certification, which could be the core to begin my career, but I would like some feedback on that as well.

Let me know what you got, thanks Very Happy

Also if not in Computer Repair, what about the Security side of the field instead?
The domain of stand alone PC is dieing slowly. The future is networking. It is the field which has immense job opportunity. You can be absorbed as system administrator in corporate houses which offers steady and decent salaried job. Obviously you require some sort of certification. The best one is by Cisco which are CCNA(basic) and CCNP (Advanced). Both of them are internationally recognized and are taken online. Other courses involve MCSE (Microsoft), RHCE( Linux) etc. All of these requires knowledge of hardware. So you can give it a thought for a stable carrier.

P.S - Security is a super specialized area and are usually dealt by qualified engineers only. Without the proper degree, you will be more towards a Hacker rather than a security consultant (the difference between thief & police applies here).
Mmm I see, thank you for your input, networking does seem like a better route there's more you can do and manage. That's so awesome I can take it online, I would definitely like to find some e-classes too. So do you think I should still acquire the A+ while going with the networking career? Or is the A+ just really not worth paying for and such?
A+ is not required for networking carrier. Instead gather some knowledge on the topics--like NIC(Lan card), MAC Address, IP address, domain,routers , routing tables, subnetting-supernetting, IP classification(classful and classless), Network cabling ( straight & Cross), switch, bridges, gateways, TCP/IP etc etc. All of them are available online.Simply google it with the above keywords. Having a basic knowledge of the above will definitely help. Lots of CISCO certification materials are roaming around the net for free.

THIS is a good place to start with.
networking stuff is very difficult. I have succeeded the first part of that course. And it was a lot of math. Well I do say this is interesting and can bring you everywhere. But if this job is interesting I dont know. Its just a matter of preference.

I do know that this job can bring a lot of stress on your shoulders.

And being a network manager usually means managing 1000 computers making sure they are all working and reinstall it remotely.

But if you like the job go for it! Every IT job is kind of stressy I think
We will always need PC techs repair, but try to work for a steady company (like a a manufacturer) and not a huge retail store. This way you could ''Build'' yourself computers so you can know them a lot.
This way you will get a more secure job during your lifetime, instead of having to live the up and downs of retail shops.

Also, you won't be directly with the customers which can be really bad.

I agree that the future is networking though. But we also need PCs technicians if we want the networks to work.
You see that pic in the original post? The big white-black-orange logo in the back? I used to work there for about a year before I quit.

Dementei, the only advice I have for you is to chose this area carefully. It's ok for a while, but it's better to go either into network/system administration, web dev, or programming. Much less stress, much less problems involved, believe me.

If you wanna get a job with GeekSquad, just apply right away. This will get you Experience, which is insanely important in this market. It's even more important then certifications. The best thing to do is grab a simple job like GeekSquad but to also get certifications while you're working there. This way you're getting both work experience (lots of upselling) and also technical knowledge (the certificates).

If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them. And good luck!
I've also worked as a hardware technician, but I've left it now. It will lead to nowhere. It is just a labor type of job... Just a valueless junk.
it always depends on where you work and with which people.
therimalaya wrote:
I've also worked as a hardware technician, but I've left it now. It will lead to nowhere. It is just a labor type of job... Just a valueless junk.

Any job which has the lack of innovation, cannot satisfy a human being. After all that is the difference between man and machine.
You should try to take online courses held by top universities to gain experience in computer science or even just to learn about networking Smile They are free and can be beneficial.
MIT, Stanford, Berkeley just to name a few have really great online courses or videoed lectures on things!

But yes definitely go in a more IT direction than just PC repair. System Administration is VERY important in this day and age and companies, especially start ups need people who can maintain their systems for them while they go do their developer things.

Just look up System Administration on Google and I'm sure you'll get a lot of information! Smile Become well knowledge in Linux and Windows and you'll be on your way!
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