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In this web site you can log in to youre personal account of Aim,Icq,Yahoo! Messenger,Jabber,GTalk and MSN.
you no need the software, you log in from the web site!
check it and say what you thing abut that.
Whats the point?
Why not just log in as normal?
am I missing somthing?
If it's not your computer and you cant download the software but you still want to log in you can use it Rolling Eyes
koolbluez wrote:

No. is ajaxed, ie no refreshing. e-messenger needs you to refresh the page.
leodv uses ajax technology. Ajax provided a chance for desktop application that originally can't be implemented on the web due to the need 2 refresh by themselves for displaying data. With Ajax we could see more dynamic web application coming out in future. Currently Gmail is one of the best example of Ajax, the interface is cool and seems to be better at user interaction than other web mails interface.
Ya, meebo is fast and easy to use.
Thaks for the info.
But it doesn't support any other browser other than Internet Explorer.
That is a negative point about it.

Anyway the technology behind it is really interesting.
I am also surprised to here that the same is used in gmail.
Its bad that its working only in IE, I want to use it with windows and linux. thats means i want to use it from anywhere like gmail.
It supports Firefox Rolling Eyes
I can rate at 7/10.
You can sigin to many Aim,Icq,Yahoo! Messenger,Jabber,GTalk and MSN at a same time itself.
And,all in a single page itself.
for example if u have the IDs,,,
and you wants to chat using all this IDs, at a same time, then go for,
and login using:,,
after signing in, It displays all messenger contacts in a single window itself,
and u can login and add other acounts in that window by
selecting: SIGN ON button,and add the remaining:,,
So all your IDs in a single window itself.
Just checkout
I think its in alpha stage, and u can expect more options soon.

Hai friends,

Im Quoting Recent Updates from


At meebo we keep a wall of post-notes where we track of all of the requested features from the blog, forum, and When a feature is requested, it is moved up the queue. Today, you'll probably notice a half dozen new features that we're excited to release based upon everyone's recent feedback.

1) Sound! A few weeks ago, Jennifer J emailed, "... it's hard to know if someone is chatting with me if I don't have the window in focus... are there any plans to implement notifier sounds? A little beep or even the system beep would really help." Fortunately, Jian is a former DJ and one day he toted in his headphones, sound mixing board, and got to work. However, if you think silence is golden, you'll notice a small audio button for disabling sound when you need to be discreet.

2) Mobile indicator This is one of those features that we would have never predicted would be so essential. However, the mobile request kept cropping up again and again. Most of the time Sandy is optimizing the backend but every once in a while she likes to dip her toes in the JavaScript too. The mobile indicator feature is all Sandy's doing. If any of your buddies has forwarded their IMs to their mobile phones, you'll notice a small mobile icon to the left of their names. If it weren't for the forums we would have never realized how much-needed this feature really is!

3) IM anyone Check out the third icon from the left on the buddy list. Meebo users can message friends not included on their buddy lists or use this feature as a shortcut to pull up an IM window without searching through the buddy list and double-clicking on a name.

4) Emoticons We also posted an official emoticon page which will get linked to the wiki shortly. We're planning on adding more in the future, so if you have any suggestions for ones you'd like to see, please feel free to let us know.

5) Navigate away prompt We know how frustrating it is to unintentionally lose your IM history because you clicked on the wrong link or hit the wrong key while messaging. Hari wrote, "If we sign out, ideally it should ask for confirmation and close window." Now when someone navigates away from meebo, they'll be asked to confirm that they want to leave meebo before closing their IM session if they have not already logged out. No more lost messages!

6) Lots of bug fixes I'm probably the most proud of all of the bug fixes that went into this release that might be harder to spot. First off, we fixed the IE5.5 issue (thanks so much zys and grebe who originally isolated the problem to IE5.x!), fixed a Firefox cursor issues, enabled right clicks in the IM window, and enabled more linking from the textarea.

We're really proud of this release and we hope that everyone will enjoy the new features. A special thanks to Trina from Kansas City for all of the words of encouragement and to all of those who have taken time to give us feedback through the forum, the blog, and email. Let us know what you'd like to see next!

I think, they Improved very much to attarct the Users!!
Lots of emotions, and anyone can craeate one meebo account,
in which he can store all his yahho/msn/gtalk etc passwords under a single account!!
thnaks to

i dont trust such a software....

the best thing would b to use it from the main site and not from anywhere else.
Meebo is great Smile ...
The best thing is that you can use messenger even if its blocked in schools or offices . Also no need to install different messengers on your system
niranvv wrote:
You can sigin to many Aim,Icq,Yahoo! Messenger,Jabber,GTalk and MSN at a same time itself.
And,all in a single page itself.
for example if u have the IDs,,,
and you wants to chat using all this IDs, at a same time, then go for,

Whoa!!! So I can chat with myself!!! Just as I always wanted!!!!!!! Razz
Would meebo be incorporating voice chatting features in the future? I guess it's possible but I'm not sure how good the quality would be. Hope they can implement something about it soon.
Yep, I use Meebo when I'm at school. Very useful and fast.
Can you send free sms from ICQ with meebo?
well why should i trust a 3rd party web site with all my Ids and password??

Good things to test... but i will never even going to log in to any other url with my working Yahoo/MSN/ or any other sevice ID and PW... Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
i find that site quite useful. sometimes i cant install IM's. so i tend to use meebo...nice find.
what i like best about meebo is that i can use it to chat wherever messengers are bloked Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil
Meebo is what I use when I'm on a computer that isnt my own. Great chat software, nothing beats it at the moment.
Maybe the mobile phone user like it when they use GPRS to access the internet. It may use a single client to access all the services!
Meebo is goooooooood dude.

But I don't support chat rooms.

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