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Does your cat climb the Chrismas tree?

Ok now this is more important..
Forget the problems of the world, how can you get buy without laughing about this?
Cats by nature are very funny animals but they are a bit shy on looking a bit stupid.
They usually end up stuck near the top so with ours we have to tie the tree to the wall.

Do you have a problem with your pets attitude to the Christmas tree?
The cats at my parent's home like to play with the Christmas tree. They don't climb it but they play with the decorations so we have to close all the doors into that room when we are away. They also like to drink the water from the Christmas tree stand.
The cat I used to have used to be super into Christmas trees! remember when we would buy one she would go crazy as soon as we would be home!
I think its the smell of it...
and then she would constantly try and play with it and the decorations.... was hilarious seeing her...
and see her jump and run when a ball would finally fall!
We got a new cat in the spring... I have no doubt that he'll be a problem with the Christmas tree. Luckily, my wife recognizes this, and we won't be putting the tree up until the last minute Razz

My prior cats were generally not much of an issue with the Christmas trees, though, of course, there were occasional incidents. Mind you, there have only been a couple years that I haven't had a cat in my life, so a couple incidents over a life time isn't so bad Razz
He climbed the first Christmas tree he was around. It fell over and it seems like he learned his lesson considering he hasn't done it since.
My cat did not care for the tree. When it was first put up, he would inspect with usual curiosity. Only time after he care was if an ornament touched his tail as he walked by.
I remember in my youth our cat would lay under the tree as if she was a present instead of a pain!
standready wrote:
I remember in my youth our cat would lay under the tree as if she was a present instead of a pain!
I can just picture that cat ..... Twisted Evil

The other day I walked past a Villa in our compound and there was a beautiful ginger Persian cat lounging on a very high ledge giving me a very disdainful "Lord of the Manor" look - royalty personified. But as though it has been sitting there forever. Blended in. They can be very comfortable in any surrounding.

*not my cat.
*not my tree
Nicely done however Truespeed. And nice cat. Wonder if someone has thought of making the star at the top of the tree into a cat star yet?
truespeed wrote:

*not my cat.
*not my tree

lol nice picture a cat which climb into Christmas tree. Very Happy
LOL, My last cat didn't do that... And my new cat is only 2 months old, so I hope that no :3
LOL we dont have CAT.

mine used to! always very fun to see, until they start to uin the tree... It tends to be like that cartoon with mickey mouse and pluto chansing squirrels in the tree...
My cats always use to do that but not this year due to my 1 year old niece being in the house we put up a much smaller (4ft) tree on top of a cabinet that we have in our living room. Normally during Christmas when we have the tree up we keep water squirt bottles next to where we sit so that as soon as the cat goes up we just hit them with the water and they usually jump out though sometimes it can take a few squirts Razz
This could be lethal. What with all the electrickery going through the wires and the cats and kittens so near them having fun. Sqirting water at the electrickery is not recommended (Although I'm not a science major / major science)
no problem with cats climbing the christmas tree.
because we do not have one in the house, it by the neighbors house
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