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Have you bought all your presents yet ?

I'm afraid I Did not do this as I hate Christmas shopping a Lot.
I vowed many years ago that I would spend 15 minutes less on it every year.
Every year I now spend just 15 minutes Christmas shopping
It's so bad that I have to use a stopwatch and just shop at a big box store at Christmas eve.
Last year I nearly did not get through the checkout in time.

Just wondering if there's anyone out there who cares a little more about buying Christmas presents?
Literally yes, if only because I do not intend to buy any Christmas presents. Even if I were, it seems like buying gifts too far in advance would be a bad idea - the longer the time they're sitting in storage, the greater the chance that the person you're giving it to will separately make a similar purchase for themselves and render the money you've spent somewhat wasted. As annoying as the crammed shopping center in the last week before Christmas are, I can't really blame any individual for the choice ... Although spontaneous gifts throughout the year are always going to be the most effective (and IMHO more 'special') way of giving.
No Xmas pressies, not even Xmas cards. May make some phone calls however on 24/25 December.

Wait a minute, it's only 30 November today. Still time to send Xmas cards, and tomorrow is a public holiday - couldn't be timed better. Thanks for the reminder chasbeen!
Very Happy
Ghost Rider103
I managed to get all my Xmas gifts bought about a week ago.

But if you guys are really worried about standing in line at a store for gifts, then do some online shopping. It's much more convienent. I was well ahead of the game and I still did most the shopping online. Saves me a lot of time and the deals online are just as great.

Though I did end up standing in line at some stores on black Friday. Not exactly by choice, but I had to go with the girlfriend. Smile
I haven't started.... and I have NO clue what to get to anyone.... hmmm
deanhills wrote:
No Xmas pressies, not even Xmas cards. May make some phone calls however on 24/25 December.

same here! no stress or worries or expectations/disappointments.
I've always wondered what the best time to do shopping for Christmas was. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Saturday and all that jazz seems like an awfully early time to do shopping. If you're into giving books / games / things that change with the season or fashion, then its pretty hard to find something that will still be popular in a month. Personally, I just do my shopping online using Amazon / Froogle. I like to think that I save money, but because of the holiday season, I'm not entirely sure that I do. Maybe it isn't a good idea to do stuff last minute after all.
Wow. I can totally see aiming for 15 minutes max shopping time but (at least here) it would be impossible t odo all the shopping AND checking out in that amount of time...

but anyway, I have not done most of my shoppnig yet, although I plan to do much of it online this year since it's easier and I don't have as much time to go shopping nowadays as I did in previous years. I think I need some self-discipline, though. I go to a website to buy gifts for people and always end up buying something for myself, too. :X
People have been saying that 15 minutes is too little but it's not,
Besides it's a lot of fun because all my folks don't know what they are getting.
Also spare a moment for Santa Clause he gets round the world in just one night!
So how does that fifteen minutes actually work? I'm presuming that you're not counting the time deciding on gifts or else you'd end up with hilariously hasty decisions when you realise that you've forgotten a male second cousin and there's nothing but a rack of girly magazines and chocolate bars between you and the checkout. Allowing catalog browsing ahead of time seems like it would be cheating though so you'd need to, what, run around one department store hoping they have a good brand of whatever for sale and that you can physically find everything in time then rush back to the checkout and distract the queues by partially stripping and screaming "FREE SHOES!".

Seems like a weird thing to speed-run to me.
No, I haven't started
I haven't started, too.
I have thought about buying some new components to my PC, for example a new processor.
I need a well computer because I am a composer. I compose some kind of orchestral and classical music with FL Studio.

Well, cause I'm a composer, it's easy to myself to think about what will I give others: my own CD Laughing
I thought about buying some presents the other day but then I decided against it. I'm doing it on Christmas eve again!
i am getting the christmas gifts this weekend.
normally for me every christmas i try as much as possible to get gifts for the people i love.
its great shoping and parceling the gifts and sharing and seeing the surprises on thier faces.
its wonderful.
Actually does make you feel good. Ever bought something for someone and thought "Wish I had one of them"

No, I bought nothing yet but I will definitely start tomorrow. Have to really as I have to post alot abroad.
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