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First World Solutions

I have never felt so simultaneously victorious and guilty as I did last night when I solved one my long-standing first world problems.

You see, the laptop I use is a few years old and was never top of the line, but it still works perfectly well for pretty much everything that isn't a newly released video game. The only real gripe I've had with it is the graphic driver. Occasionally (like, once a week at most) it BSODs. It also doesn't have any real control panel to manually tweak settings. The most annoying consequence of this is that when fullscreen it defaults to stretching images over the laptop's entire display, something that looks pretty ugly when playing older games that only support squarer aspect ratios. So I was often forced to frig around getting things to run in windows or trying to neatly scale their small resolutions without lagging or whatever. Of course, even for me these were fairly trivial inconveniences.


Recently I happened to learn that the only reason my brand of laptop didn't have any updated drivers was a legal one, due to some licensing/support thing. The updated drivers for newer hardware could have actually still worked on older laptops, but weren't allowed to be distributed. By using a third party hack it was even possible to install them straight onto the older laptops, thereafter allowing the newer control software to run and adjust the scaling method as desired.

Finally, I can just straight up run old games full screen and have black bars maintain the aspect ratios of the graphics yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeessssss wait there are still people living on the streets what is wrong with me ._.


SO what little things have YOU accomplished recently? Very Happy
Nameless wrote:

SO what little things have YOU accomplished recently? Very Happy

Got all my USAF out-processing done, even though I had procrastinated far too long on some of it.
(That only sounds unimpressive if you're unfamiliar with military bureaucracy.)
*run radio station*

*want to listen to it out and about*

*have no control of (ridiculously huge) playlist*

*realise microsoft just screwed me over again, the free version of outlook doesn't include "launch app" anymore for email filters*

*discover mozilla thunderbird*

*link up system: text message from phone > email > specific filter (depending on command) > runs batch file > changes winamp playlist via command line addon*

*realise I can actually do anything while I'm out with my machine, just using a phone - FOR FREE*

*FIXED + 1*
Ah, here's one for you:

So in the middle of the SWTOR beta weekend, as I was leveling my fresh new Jedi Consular to get him his saber and off Tython, my power supply died. Got a new one coming to me over Newegg, but I still got to wait a few days before I can put it in my machine. So I went through my parts, and found *two* underpowered power supplies from around 2002, made an adapter to get SATA plugs to work with one of them, and set one up to power the motherboard, the other to power my GPU and my hard drives. Made sure everything was well grounded, and fired it up. 2002 technology powering a 2010 gaming rig. Worked like a charm.

All this to squeeze a few more hours out of that SWTOR beta.
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