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How's the weather today?

Do you feel cold or hot?

Do you feel it's dry or wet?

What's the temperature?
Today was raining all day, without stop.

It wasn't particularly cold though. 23 degrees C top, about 15 now.
I just came home from running so I don't feel cold at all. It rained a little and the sun peeped out for a minute or two and created a nice rainbow. The temperature is about 9 °C. I expect more rain to come later today.
Before yesterday was cold and very windy.

Yesterday was dry, sunny and windy.

Today is raining.
weather is quite good...mornings are cool but weather remains good throughout the day..evening are chilly...!
Winter, but it is sunny.. it is feeling good.. But i'm in my room, so i'm not enjoying it very much

Also: Grey.
Josso wrote:

Also: Grey.


Grey here too... 13C and 40kmh wind with occasional driving rain. Pretty nice Wink
13°C, 30mph wind and heavy rain, lovely!
I don't mind though as I've been working indoors building a new wooden floor.
...didn't envy my mates bricklaying outside Razz
Interesting that the weather is so similar in both locations, despite being an ocean apart.
Ankhanu wrote:
Interesting that the weather is so similar in both locations, despite being an ocean apart.

I thought the same thing when I read your post, especially since only 300 mile north of me in Scotland its been winds up to 165mph, power outages, and floods etc today Shocked
Thu, December 8

Here at my location in Brazil with many clouds is the sun during the day. Periods of cloudy, with rain at any time.
Muggy. Odds are it will progress into a hot day.
@lovescience you ever comment or express your own opinions in the many threads you've started at Frihost?

I've seen many questions posted but no opinion ever shared by yourself as the OP.
It would be interesting to see how you feel yourself sometimes, or how your weather is Wink
Quite cold. It turns cold in November. I miss the mild subtropic climate in my hometown.

By the way, I suppose this topic should be posted in the general chat forum `coz it's nothing to do with science. Very Happy
Weather forecast for next 48 hours:

Raining. ......
Today is cold and cloudy here.
Currently it's raining where I am and I can hear the rain dropping on several objects right now. I wonder how the sound doesn't disturb me and it fades away in the background whereas my neighbors fighting makes it impossible for me to do my work.

Anyways, its raining and I'm thankful that it didn't rain when I went out for an evening run. It really sucks when you're on running schedule and you have to postpone it because of the rain. And postponing once always makes me lazy. Otherwise, the rain is fine. I like it when I'm sleeping as sleeping to the sound and the cool weather is really relaxing.
Cloudy. Hoping clouds go away for this evening so I can see the super 'bloody' moon!!!
Was disappointed by clouds for the 'bloody' moon. Still cloudy this morning with rain coming later.
Europe/Netherlands here.. autumn seems to be postponed this year. Temperatures keep range 14-18 degrees Celcius, which is quite annoying (IHMO)

Climate change I suppose
It's nice and cool. Although it is starting to rain, so it's not that great. But we really need the rain so it's also good.
The first snow has started to fall, but it melts away as soon as it hits the ground.
I notice this thread goes back to 2011, So I guess people are just posting randomly throughout the years! Well today is December 26th 2015 in Boulder Colorado - as a wood pile weather man (a guy that stands out on the wood pile and reports the weather) - I can report that it is clear and cold - around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, slight breeze, clear skies. Hope to go for a hike in a while when it warms up a little - hopefully it will get up in the 40's today and with the sun shine be quite warm outside! It has been quite snowy over the last week with a few inches of accumulation everyday almost, a sunny clear day is needed! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
A lot of rain and wind today and yesterday. The old clumsy railing that surrounded the balcony* fell down. Luckily there was no major damages. Part of the rain gutter was torn off, a hole in the ground and some minor damages to a plank wall that was used for wind-protection was all I could find.

* Not sure you call it a balcony because what's underneath is a room on the ground floor.
Well, it's December and it is cold here. But I didn't realize that it was that cold until I rode a motorbike yesterday. I had to pick up a friend and it had been a long time since I had travelled on a bike. I just went out in whatever I was wearing and my feet were covered with slippers. I had to pick up and drop a friend from a location that was around 5 kilometers away from my place. While coming back it was a bit dark into the evening and I felt the cold entering my body right from my feet. Gotta wear those socks and shoes now. Winter's here completely.
The weather is expecting the Xmas Eve: White and fog.
The day started at around -7 °C. The frost makes everything white but no snow so I don't complain. Now in the afternoon it's -1 °C but it looks like I'll have to wait a few more days for the positive degrees to return.
Now it's really cold, no wind and the sky is clear except for a few thin clouds. The thermometer shows -17 °C (1,4 °F). It's still morning so hopefully the temperatures will have increased somewhat when I head outside later in the day for my daily run.
It's been raining a lot, but we need it here in Calfornia.
Fantastic. We gonna leave now and visit the forest. Join us, its better than to watch tv the whole weekend in a cellar.
Cloudy. And we expect and we ll expect cloudy the whole day.
Light snow fall; temperature about zero degrees Celsius.
The sun is shining and the sky is blue, but the temperature i just above zero.
Funny, I was thinking of the weather earlier today. It's a bit gloomy because of the clouds. It looks like it will rain but it's still hot and a bit humid. There's no blue sky in sight and there's a hint of smog on the horizon. It's supposed to be near spring time but the vegetation looks like its around october.
Cloudy and rainy.
Snow earlier, now it's hailing.
Peterssidan wrote:
Snow earlier, now it's hailing.
Laughing WOW! What a combination. Wouldn't expect the two to happen at the same time.
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