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Post statistics for individual users

There are already post statistics for the whole Frihost but I thought it would be very interesting to be able to see the same kind of statistics for individual users.

I understand the chances for this to be implemented are very small, so I was thinking that maybe it's possible to create some program to collect the data. I guess the best place to collect such information is here. One problem is that you need to be logged in to get that information so I'm not sure how to best do it.
Isn't it already available in the memberlist? Or were you hoping for something that has a graph attached to it?
Ghost Rider103
Some sort of graph for individual users would be pretty cool.

Though we can't actually do much without bondings and he doesn't seem to be around much.

The memberlist does hold some cool stats though. Top posters or coin holders and frih$. I'd give you a link but I'm posting from my cell. Perhaps dean can pass you the link of you haven't already seen the page.
I know about the memberlist. With A graph you can in more detail see what periods you have been more active. I think it could also help keep up post motivation and it's useful for other members to see. If they see you rarely post on Mondays they know they shouldn't expect a reply until Tuesday.
I just guessed the link to memberlist. hehe. Razz

Sorted the top ten posters and WOW! Nobody can beat deanhills. And to think that he just joined on 2008. Positive! Deanhills isn't human. Shocked
This will be really interesting. "View your posts" link do something similar and maybe this script can do half of job.

loremar wrote:
I just guessed the link to memberlist. hehe. Razz

Sorted the top ten posters and WOW! Nobody can beat deanhills. And to think that he just joined on 2008. Positive! Deanhills isn't human. Shocked

LOL all the rest of the top 50 is basically 05/06
Tracking detailed stats for 85000 members might be too much processing work for the server to handle.

We already had to replace phpbb's search function because it was getting too server-intensive given the amount of posts.

It would be nifty yes, but I wouldn't want to see the forums slowed down in order to get it.
Once a day would be plenty often to run it, and I think most of the function could be provided by any of the users who want to. I would suggest authorizing a bot account, which one of our technical wizards could set up, and scan thru the 1288 or so pages once a day, probably with a half second delay between page requests.

I don't think it is necessary to use the Frihost servers to massage the data, although if it is done externally and looks good, Bondings might eventually decide to make it a local function. If the bot ever caused problems, it could easily be forbidden to run until it were repaired.

The obvious place to show the result would be on another site. I would like to see a forum thread set up for it though, and have the bot edit the first post every day to show a summary and give a link to the full detail. Of course some of the things could be done manually for a while and written into the script when perfected.
SonLight wrote:
I would suggest authorizing a bot account,

What for?

If you were going to have an external bot gather and process the data, it doesn't even need to be logged in to tell who posted where.
...Though I suppose it it had an account, it would be able to use the 'view posts since your last visit' function to make the data gathering process much more efficient.

...Or maybe read-only access to the database could be given. (With password and config portions excluded)
Reading all the new data in the database once per day would use less resources than reading all the new posts once per day.
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