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Blackberry Music App

Hi everyone. My wife has a balckberry curve 9300. Everytime she connects it to a computer to upload new songs, when she then unplugs and goes into the blackberry music app on the phone, it can take anything up to 20-30 minutes just to finishing refreshing the library, even if she's only added one song. This can't be normal surely? If I bluetooth a song to her, it just updates the library automatically.

Also, some songs appear under "Unknown Artist" or "Unknown Album", even though the ID3 tags are all correct. This sometimes happens for one or two songs off the the same album, even though the whole album was MP3'd at the same time, copied to the phone at the same time, the ID3 tags are all identical (apart from the song title obviously), and the other songs appear fine on the phone. It's just bizarre.

Does anyone have a clue why this is all happening?
I take it she is using Media Sync to sync the new music files? If so, that's most likely the root of the problem. The software is extremely slow at syncing, to point where I would suggest using Windows Media Player to sync. I'm not entirely sure about the "Unknown Artist" and "Unknown Album" problem (my old BlackBerry had the same issue), but I wouldn't be surprised if that also had to do with BlackBerry's sync software.
Thanks for the reply. No sync software is being used. The blackberry is plugged into a computer using the usb cable and mounted as a drive. It's then just drag and drop, then unplug from the computer.

Another issue which just happened randomly was the bluetooth transfer between phones. She has always been prompted where to save a file being received by bluetooth. We were transferring some files one by one, and all was fine. Then the next file we transferred didn't prompt at all. Now we don't know how to turn this feature back on. There's nothing in the menus, or even in the 400+ page manual either. It's just weird, and extremely frustrating. I have an android phone, and I think I may well try and persuade her to go the same way when it comes time to upgrade (not for another 18 months yet though)
Oh, drag and drop? In that case, it may actually be normal because my old BlackBerry did the same thing. You would transfer the file and it wouldn't show up for a while, even after rebooting. And I've definitely heard of this issue before. Normally a battery pull will bring it up instantly when you reboot. Unfortunately, I never did find any other solution in the past, and I don't know if there are any now. I just got used to loading up large batches of songs at once so I wouldn't have to do it too often.

And I unfortunately don't know anything about the Bluetooth issue, and I can understand your frustration. Though an Android phone isn't a bad idea. Wink (Love all the ones I've had, just miss RIM's durability).
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