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ei guyss... I've once had a problem with my PC... I wasnt able to turn it on... I mean everytime i turn it on.... I got an error msg... so i called microsoft.... and ask them wut to do... they told me to restore it...

start >> accessories >> system tools >> system restore

wut happened was. I lost everything... all the files i had b4 was gone... all gone....

do U guys know anyway to restore Ur PC w/o loosing all the filess?...

i noe 1 thing... wer U restore Ur PC to a particular time.. but how culd U do that if U culdnt even turn Ur computer on....

If you cant get your comp on. I'd take it to a shop and see what they can do. they could take the drive out and backup the files and then wipe it, and restore it. I say take it to a shop assuming that you don't have a second comp, nor do you know how to backup a HD. Bu this is something that can be done without taking to a shop.
if i was you, i would take a ghost off your computer with norton ghost! so if you've got a problem, all your stuff can be put back without a problem!
another idea is to buy you an external hd (you can choose a firewire,usb or a ethernet) the ethernet version is very handy when you've got more than 1 computer at home!
if you've got any questions about the hd, just ask!

System Restore does not lose data. It will still be there, if that's all you did. If you reinstal Windows, you may lose user info, and then find it difficult to access, however it is still there on the hard drive.

Try looking in C:\Documents and Settings\ you should get folders for various users, browse through these to see if any of you data is there.
You can revert the system restore. If you run system restore again, it gives the option of reverting the previous system retore run. Then make a backup of your files and run system restore again.
You can recover the data you have lost by recover4all a utility to recover files. Or you can use fil recovery angel.
What I suggest, and this works very well, is to put another copy of the operating system that you already have on the computer. This will render the other OS unusable, but it will not modify your personal files. When you have reinstalled the OS, you can delete the files from the old one but you will still retain your personal files. Just make sure that you do not format your disk drive and you will be fine. This works really well with Windows XP.
I always backup my stuff. Invest in a dvd burner.
Try backing up your files somewhere every once a month. That way, even if your computer crashes or you have to restore it, you can add the files back.

If you forget that, take your computer to a technician so that he can do something.
If you can't boot windows, and want to backup your data (a common problem), then use a bootable linux cd to access it. (Knoppix, for example can read NTFS, and is coppatable with most hardware.
If you have formatted your hard disk all your data will be erased. Use some good recover software to get all your data back.
i think the other guys are right you should really have a back up hd or an external one i have 2 hd Very Happy
Nah you guys are wrong. Make partitions with just a hard disk. One for system files and the other for other stuff.
In some ways they are right, I mean sometimes you have to do that, but other times you dont. It just depends on the situation
thats one thing i learned the hard way...never call the 24 hour microsoft support...half the time they dont know what theyre talking about and will just be like....O re-install windows and it will work...and yes that fixes it but 9 times out of 10 its redundant and completely annoying.
just erase your whole disk and start over, if you need to copy use a live cd linux distro and an external or second harddisk and reinstall everything over. its the problem with windows if there s an error there will nearly always be an error
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