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Frihostia teaser (a roleplay-adventure-posting-competition!)

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In a world ... of weathered armies and treacherous kings ... where a man's worth is kept in his coin purse and a poisoned fruit can crumble an empire ... one burgeoning city struggles to survive ... by straightforwardly hitting everything that pisses it off with a sufficiently large hammer. Separated from the ire of its elder cousins by both desert and beasts, Comslash holds its walls and waits for the day that an honest warlord, if not a hero, might rise and cleanse the scarred lands of Frihostia.

When an enfeebling plague begins mysteriously spreading through Comslash's soldiers, mercenary captain Boots Jugular knows that it's only a matter of time before word escapes the city and hiding is no longer an option. Only YOU, a motley collection of scribes and merchants, remain able-bodied enough to be tasked with finding and somehow stopping the cause of this disaster. But without combat experience and with a tribe of angry trolls already feeding off the citizens, it may just be that the only way to truly save Comslash is to prove to all of Frihostia that today the quill is mightier than the sword.

Until a dragon appears.

Then things get tricky.

* in service to the tapestry * a legend of frihostia *
~ The Unearthing Saga ~
Fallen Eternal Shadow Dragon Blood Oath Reign Secret Curse Thief Betrayal
These Quills Our Hearts: Colon Cancer Edition!

What is this?
'Frihostia' is an upcoming game on the Frihost forums - though certainly not a forum-style game as you may be used to! Frihostia will be a mix of lighthearted fantasy roleplay and posting competition, focused on encouraging regular posting and participation in a variety of interesting discussions. Members who join the game won't be expected to do anything more than what they were already on these forums for, but those who follow the specific challenges and make the best contributions to the community will be rewarded from a prizepool of coins when the game finishes ... and besides, it will be fun!

How do I actually play?
While Frihostia is running I will add regular game updates to its main thread. These posts will include a few paragraphs of flavour text describing the ongoing story and conclude with a new forum-related challenge for players. For example, if the heroes needed to research the history of their city, then you the player might be challenged to make a good post in the History sub-forum. How well you meet this challenge will determine how well your character meets their challenge in the game. Sometimes there might even be two challenges to choose from that will determine the actions of your character! You won't need to stress about missing updates though, since the story will always continue and you can jump back in to completing the latest challenge at any time - all the little details like checking for challenge completion or recording your character's earned items will also be done automatically so you can sit back and enjoy both the story and the conversation outside of it.

So then when is it starting?
Coming soon ... to a sub-forum near you ... No but seriously, this adventure will take some time to fully plan out and write a 'buffer' of story sections. I plan for it to last around a month (remember you can join or leave any time for smaller prizes) so I don't want to get too far ahead of myself only to find that nobody is bothered to play. If you DO support this idea, please say so in the above poll and help point other members towards this topic. If / once enough interest is shown then I'll begin preparations and hopefully have it running a week or two after that.
Ghost Rider103
I don't really understand what the story line behind it is all about. But if that's what works then go for it!

By the sounds of it, it seems you are trying to help increase posting activity but attempting to get new members to create new threads. Threads being the most valuable types of posts, since they are the ones that will generally generate the most replies.

So I am all for this and will definitely participate.

You also mentioned the pool of coins. Are users going to have to give like an entry fee in coins?

If not I'd be willing to donate once this gets going!
When is it coming out?
I wonder if it will be a virtual reality thing one day?
Well, I don't quite understand how it's all gonna work, but I suppose you're gonna do it well and that I'll only have to sit and enjoy... so, yes, I'd gladly participate. I love this kind of things.
Ghost Rider103 wrote:
Are users going to have to give like an entry fee in coins?

If so, it would be best to have it be coins or frih$...

Some people don't have any coins, and that's hardly a good reason to exclude them...
(And some don't have frih$, if they joined after that stopped being awarded...)

...And some don't have either...
So, probably best that there wouldn't be an entry fee...

Or... I know!
If there's a (reasonable) entry fee, I'll pay it for anybody who can't afford it.
Ghost Rider103
Maybe an entry fee shouldn't be required then. Perhaps there can just be a donation pool and the winner takes all?

I really don't think I have any use for my coins, so I'd be willing to donate some assuming it will improve quality of posts and/or quantity.

I'm a sucker for text based adventures
Yeah so I've decided not to go ahead with this. The number of replies for either thread has been small, there have been no bites at all from members who don't already have 500+ posts, and half of the responses that there are have been confused enough that I'm guessing it would be a headache to run.
Ghost Rider103
Ah well that is disappointing but totally understandable.

Perhaps after the holidays you can give it another go. I think activity might decrease some. It after the new year I expect it will pick up.

But our activity has actually been climbing so I don't know.

Oh well, you gave it a try at least!
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