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Magic the Gathering as an RPG

One of my Magic playing friends recently sent me a link to an article suggesting a way to play MtG as an RPG.

The system isn't fully fleshed, but it appears to be a good working start. Characters are the wizards that are technically behind the actual standard game of Magic the Gathering, starting with randomized multi-color decks of commons and lands. The setting can really be any sort of generic or possibly specific fantasy setting. The player decks represent the spells and abilities available to the PCs, with the colours loosely tied in to physical/mental character traits (i.e. Green - Strength + Wisdom); this comes in to play when trying to overcome challenges/puzzles in the journey. PCs use their decks to overcome encounters, with the GM playing the adversaries. This suggests using modified Adversary rules to allow players to help one another. The GM uses various themed decks appropriate to the immediate setting conditions and theme, and the players have to work together to defeat them. If successful, the players get to gain experience, drawing cards from common, uncommon, rare, etc. piles to add to their decks, and gaining treasure (artifacts and the like) from the enemy defeated (selected by the GM). Over time, the players can build and modify their decks based on the encounters, play style and their character's personality. Different colour deck combinations will offer different strategies to the players, both in combat and in overcoming tasks; for example, someone without green in their deck would not be able to overcome a Strength based obstacle... But might kick ass in combat, while mixed decks will offer you flexibility at the cost of excelling in any given area.

Like any RPG it's all about trade-offs Smile

This looks like a pretty promising system to me.
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