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Marcy Playground

Anyone here listen to Marcy Playground? I am currently listening to them like 24/7 almost. I love their music and would like to see if anyone else thinks the same. Well if you do give me a shout or post back here. Thanks and Happy Halloween! Very Happy
Like them alot.
Marcy Playground is an American alternative rock band consisting of three members: John Wozniak (lead vocals, guitar), Dylan Keefe (bass), and Shlomi Lavie (drums)
After Gonzalo Martinez's departure from the band, family-friend Shlomi Lavie stepped in to fill the void as drummer for the band's 2009 tour, promoting two new albums. After a successful 4-Day Carnival Cruise show(s) in the Bahamas alongside Post-grunge band Sponge [5] and a good turnout at the Edge 103.9's Third Thursday show in Scottsdale, Arizona in late 2008, it was announced that the band would kick off an official tour for the Spring of 2009
Oh, yes. I've been listening to Marcy Playground for YEARS. Ever since "Sex and Candy" first graced the radio. That album was incredible, one of my favorites. Their other stuff is pretty good to.
jessicawalker wrote:
Ever since "Sex and Candy" first graced the radio..

Oddly enough that's only Marcy Playground song I'm familiar with. It isn't a bad song at all but it didn't interest me enough to make me want to listen to more of their music.
Remember the movie "Cruel intentions" Marcy playground made a soundtrack for it."They are coming up from behind you".Quite a good song.
Sex and Candy was #1 on the Modern Rock charts FOREVER -- back in 1997.
Is their new stuff any good?
gverutes wrote:
Sex and Candy was #1 on the Modern Rock charts FOREVER -- back in 1997.
Is their new stuff any good?

Their new stuff is quite a melodic and quality is good.Maybe now it is not as emotional and expressiv as they used to be.Maybe it is their evolution and they will change again...
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