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[*READ THIS FIRST!*] Commonly asked questions

Common Questions About Our Hosting
Last Updated: 1st September 2006 9:12 PM (GMT+10)

Because people seem to post the same questions over and over again, I've decided to write a 'Common Questions' thread. I will update this as needed.

General Questions

  • Where do I put my files?
    If you're on server 1, all your files go into the /public_html/ folder. If you're on server 2, they go into /domains/<domain>/public_html/

  • How reliable is FriHost?
    The uptime is usually anywhere between 95%-99% (a LOT better than other free hosts). Some of our members have SiteUptime counters on their sites, one of which can be found here

  • Are paid forums allowed (vBulletin, IPB)?
    NO! Paid forum are STRICTLY PROHIBITED! If we find a paid forum on your account, it's an instant suspension! However, if you can somehow prove that you are the license owner, then Bondings (the main admin) might let you install your forum.

  • How do I uncompress a ZIP file in DirectAdmin?
    You can't. Even so, DirectAdmin still allows you to uncompress .tar.gz files. To create these files, use 7-Zip (a freeware archiving program available here). First uncompress your ZIP file. Next, open 7-Zip, select your files and click 'Add'. Choose 'Tar' under the archive format. Once this is completed, choose the tar file, click 'Add', and choose 'GZip'. The resulting file will be called something like [filename].tar.gz. Upload this, and DirectAdmin will allow you to extract it.

  • Are we allowed to put ads on our site?
    Yes, you can put whatever ads you want on your site, money-making or not.

PHP Scripting

  • Have you turned a particular php.ini setting on?
    You may see our phpInfo page at This page will list all of the options that have been turned on.

  • Can we change settings in the php.ini file?
    Not directly... However, you could try using the ini_set() function at the top of your script. This will set the PHP.INI option temporarily for your script only.

    Have a look at . If the option that you want to change has either 'PHP_INI_USER' or 'PHP_INI_ALL' under the 'Changeable' column, you can change it using ini_set. All the other options can only be set by the server administrator (usually for security reasons). The syntax is:
    ini_set("option", "setting");

    For example,
    ini_set("", "MYSESSION");
    (just picking out a random setting).

  • My CGI or PHP script returns an 'Internal Server Error' message!
    You can check what the problem is by going into the 'Error Log' in cPanel/DirectAdmin. Most likely, your script has the permissions set as 0777. Try setting the permissions to 0755, and try again.


  • How do I use a domain with my FriHost account?
    First, you need to change your domain's Name Server (DNS) entries (see below for the correct settings to use). Then, you need to choose if you want the domain to be an addon or parked domain (see below). Finally, you add the domain to your account via cPanel or DirectAdmin.

  • What are your DNS Settings?
    Check your Account page (link on the top of every page) for the correct dns servers for the server you are on.

  • What's the difference between an addon and a parked domain?
    Use a parked domain if you want the domain to point to your current site. (eg. http :// --> /public_html/ [same as http ://])
    Use an addon domain if you want the domain to point to a subdirectory of your site (eg. http :// --> /public_html/subdirectory/ [same as http ://]. If you're starting a new site out of your webspace, or having a sub-site or something, use an addon domain. Otherwise, use a parked domain.

    NOTE: In DirectAdmin, parked domains are called 'Domain Pointers'.

  • How do I host another domain, with a seperate website?
    This is what 'Addon Domains' are used for. If you're on server 1, log in to cPanel, click on 'Addon Domains', and then add the domain in. Once this is done, you'll have a new directory within public_html that will contain all the files for that domain.

    If you're on Server 2, then the process is a bit different. Please follow this excellent tutorial (originally posted by chrismen):

    Ok, I am also host two domains and had the same problem you did. It is really easy. Here:
    First go to the site where you have your domain. Mine is 1and1 so I will tell you what I did and it should be pretty close to what you have to do:
    1. Log in at
    2. Click on domains/manage domain
    3. Check mark the domain you want to set up here at frihost
    4. Click the drop-down arrow next to DNS at the top and select "edit DNS settings"
    5. Here you can do two things: one you can set your name server to frihost with the info they gave you in the first PM (I forgot exactly what it was: I think something like and or you can select the 1and1 name server and just change the ip address (or A Record). The second option is if you want to either keep email hosting at your domain or you want some one else to host your email (like
    6. Okay now you have to wait a little for the changes you made to take effect.
    7. Now log in to direct admin (
    9. After logging in, go to "Domain Setup" and afterwards "Add Another Domain". There you need to fill in your domain name (without www).

    It will create a similar structure to your current subdomain, /domains/domain_name/public_html/ , for your website.

Cron Jobs

  • How do I use cron jobs?
    Cron jobs are currently enabled by defaukt. For more information about cron jobs, see Wikipedia

  • How do I call a PHP script from a cronjob?
    You need to put the path to the PHP binary file before the actual script name. For example,
    /usr/bin/php -q /home/[username]/[filepath].php

    Obviously, replace '[username]' with your cPanel username, and '[filepath]' with the path to the PHP script.

ONLY if your question isn't answered here, then make a post in this forum. Make sure to read What to do BEFORE making a new topic first!
All the updates to this information will be listed below:

Updated 27th November 2005 10:07AM (GMT+11): Added section about uncompressing ZIP files/archives in DirectAdmin.
Updated 8th December 2005 1:47PM (GMT+11): Added section about cron jobs, and running PHP scripts from them.
Updated 11th December 2005 1:32PM (GMT+11): I've made this an announcement in this forum to make it more visible.
Updated 20th March 2006 11:57 AM (GMT+11): Added 'Where do I put my files?', reorganised questions.
Updated 1st September 9:17 PM (GMT+10): Added 'How do I host another domain, with a seperate website?'
Updated 15th June 2007, 9:30 PM (BST, GMT+1): Changed cron jobs saying they are enabled by default. mathiaus
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