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The Amazing Spider-man

So the Spider-man franchise has been rebooted with a brand-new origin film entitled "The Amazing Spider-man," with a new director who goes by the name Marc Webb (you've gotta be kidding, right?) and starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. The filmmakers are borrowing elements from the original comic books (i.e. mechanical web shooters and Gwen Stacy as the love interest), but they are also taking many liberties and renovations (i.e. weird suit design). The film is already looking quite different in style as seen in the trailer, which can be viewed here:

For those who are general movie-goers or hardcore Spidey fans, post your thoughts on the new movie, coming out next summer, here.

Personally, I really enjoyed the first two Spider-man films by Sam Raimi (the third was god aweful), and so this new film has some big shoes to fill.
Trailer on that page doesn't seem to work for me. but i thought spider man was already amazing before that movie Laughing
Can't wait to see it. Those 3 older films may be quite good, but I need more darker version.

New poster was posted the other day. This is looking to be really awesome.
Okay, that poster is fantastic.

It's pretty surprising to see a reboot so soon, but to be honest, this actually looks like it could be pretty great!
It definitely needed a reboot. I hope it will be darker than it predecessor. Previous actor has been sometimes criticized for this role, I think he wasn't that bad, but if a new one will show the drama of this character in full, I will forget about Maguire.
Official trailer can be watched here:

I honestly don't know how to feel about this movie. The originals rocked, IMO. But this...this just looks like Twilight.
That poster does look quite awesome.

I'd be interested to see just how much they try and pull directly from the comics. And how they try and differentiate from the existing movies.
markj801 wrote:

New poster was posted the other day. This is looking to be really awesome.

Really poster is fantastic but i think this movie boar me so not want to watch it. Cool
Looks really promising. Though many trailers look promising but we end up with complete trash...But in this case I hope we'll get something unexpectedly good. Looking forward for sequels as well, wonder, who's going to play Mary Jane.
If they do scenes in the movie as first person like in that trailer, then all I have to say is I'm all aboard.
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