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GTA V Official Trailer

Since the release of the official Grand Theft Auto V trailer there has been a huge amount of speculation regarding the game. However, there are those of you who have been disbelieving the latest GTA V rumors, with the size of the game in terms of the setting and surrounding areas, as well as the file size.
Cinemablend has been commenting on a recent article that suggested that you would have to drive for 15 minutes driving just to reach the outskirts of Los Santos. This would have made it a huge map, one that seems too much for the current-gen consoles. The amount of computing power needed would be immense, but then again look at Skyrim?
If this were the case, then the size of the game would be around 20GB, which as we know would take up a few Xbox 360 DVDs. That’s not saying that GTA V will not be bigger than previous versions of the game, it just won’t be as big as we had first assumed.
This makes us wonder how true rumors are regarding other aspects of the trailer, such as the release date? One thing we do know, the use of smartphones and tablets need to feature in the game, as we are so dependent on them in everyday life.
The video that we have embedded for you below is the most detailed analysis of the Grand Theft Auto V trailer yet. It lasts much longer than the standard version; this is because it keeps pausing to point out a few key features – bet you missed most of them?

video link:-

You could just embed it here too... Smile

As for all the info around.. Everything is just guesswork. I believe nothing before something official. Smile

And the only thing is official is the trailer and that it will take place in Los Santos and it's surroundings (not including San Fierro and Las Venturas from San Andreas).

And if somebody just wants to watch the trailer simply here... Smile

This game is going to be awesome!! If you are not going to buy it.... You are CRAZY! This is going to be the best game EVER
I hope the PC port is decent this time. I won't keep my hopes up though... Sad
I can't wait to play it, I just got an Xbox 360, and within the next week or two I will start releasing Skyrim let's plays, can't wait to cover GTA V that will be amazing. I should start saving my money now, to buy it when it is out.
It is one of my favorite game series. I hope that V will be better than the last one. I think that GTA IV was one of the worst parts (San Andreas is my second choice). I hope they will bring Vice City climate back.
i havre the previous version looking forward to buying latest
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