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Hello. My name is Robert Redbeard.

Hello everyone.

Just a little background. I am a former member of Frihost. Years ago I registered and built a site here. As a matter of fact the site is still active but I am no longer able to access it. I was without a computer for a couple years after mine failed. It also seems that the E-mail I used to register has been deactivated since I did not use it for a long time. So I have decided to simply start over from scratch. There seems to be no other option.

My site was a Self Defense website. I am passionate about practical methods of defense and street survival among other things. Avid reader and consumer of mass amounts of practical information. My closest friend calls me The Analyst. I guess I have earned the nickname.

I put up my site to allow others to view information that I have gathered and perhaps get some use out of my experience as well. I had hundreds of points on my old account and hope that I can do as well with this new one.

I studied as a graphic artist right out of High School and will be happy to help anyone that needs it with logos, banners and even video intros for YouTube and the like. I can also do Credits and Titles if I have the time. But since they are time consuming, I tend to only do them for myself or friends or when the whim has me in it's grasp. LOL!!!

I am not the best or most creative web designer but I do get the job done. So here is to a new start and getting the job done as best I can. Wish me luck and do not be afraid to ask me for help if you need it.

Yours truly,

Robert Redbeard
Welcome back Robert! Very Happy

May I ask what your old user name was?
I believe it was Odinstag.

At least that was the log in name I used.
Great post Robert. Hope we are going to see many more!

Welcome to Frihost.
I have to figure out something to post about that I haven't gotten into in the past.

Not much going on in my life right now with winter about to set in here. Just me and the dog sitting around and being very bored most of the time. Half the time it's cold enough he don't even want to go for a walk. He loves walks.

Once spring swings back around me and the dog will go do some camping or something if I can get a long weekend off. I am a catering cook at a local cafe and I do the lunch every day for the local senior center. So getting more than a single day off every week is a hard sell. Since I am the only one that knows my job. For some reason the sunday church crowd seems to like my fried chicken too. So I never get a sunday off ever.

But if I ever do get out in the woods I will have some bushcraft stuff to post about. I have bought a couple knives that I can't wait to go test out. And found a new technique for making snares. Gotta see how well those do for rabbits and squirrels. Razz

I need to figure out if there is a way to get my old account back. I tried to access my old e-mail again and no luck.
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