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Instaling fedora over Windows 7

Hi I have a big problem! I'm trying to Instal fedora 14 and keap windows 7 too! I say that I'm trying to beacuse at first I couldnt defrag my pc with the built in defragmenter tool than I downloaded a defragmenter from the internet UltraDefrag and after that I tryed to make some space for fedora! Couldn't do that either with the built in tool because it actualy shrank my existing partition but didn't create any free space to instal a new operating system on! I tryed this too with a tool from the internet but this time this didn't work either! If any of you can help me please post any suggerstions I would try anything except Instaling another windows 7 because I dont have the original cd and my internet is too damn slow to download another one!
Fire Boar
You need to be a bit more specific. The first thing that comes to mind is that your hard disk may be too full. How much total/free space do you have at the moment?

Also, you might try booting the Fedora CD and opening a root terminal (I think that's one of the boot options) and typing

cfdisk /dev/sda

which should give you a table telling you about your hard disk and its partitions, including where and how much free space there is. Check the "size" at the top of the screen, just in case - /dev/sda may not be the name of your main hard disk - it may be your USB stick, for instance. If the size looks wrong then you're probably looking at some other device, so try /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc, and so on until you find it. Partitions are numbered: the primary partitions are 1, 2, 3 and 4, and the logical partitions are 5 and onwards. When you're done here, use the left or right keys to highlight "Quit" and press enter.
Wel it's not a question of my hard drive being full! I have a 465 GB(~500) and 268 gb are free! What I was trying to do was just shrink the partition C wich is my only partition at the moment and make space for Fedora! Thats the thing I cant do actualy! Because i tryed with the built in tool from windows 7 and it doesn't work(it just shrinks my partition! doesn't create any free space!) so my problem is not actualy Instaling Fedora! It's making space for It! Well this might be an idea: What about If I creat a free partition D and I delete that one when I instal Fedorra? could that work! It might sound stupid but I never had more than 1 operating system and I'm preety much a newbie in this section!
Fire Boar
Actually it should be fine to just run the Fedora installer without worrying about partitioning. I think I understand what's going on now: Windows is shrinking your partition, and the free space created is invisible (it doesn't show up in "My Computer" or anything).

The reason I say that it should be okay to just start the installer is that you will see a screen a bit like this during the installation process:

Here just choose "Shrink current system" and it will create sensible partition sizes for you. Or, if you have already shrunk your C: drive as much as you want, choose "Use free space". You could also choose manual partitioning, but this requires a bit of knowledge about Linux to do effectively.

If you do go with manual partitioning, I'd recommend having an ext3 or ext4 partition mounted on / between 8 and 12 gigabytes (no larger), a 2-4 gigabyte "swap" partition (no mount point for swap) and use an ext3 or ext4 partition mounted on /home for the rest of your space. While it's possible to omit the /home partition and just have a large / partition, this isn't ideal because if you have to reinstall your system, you would have to move all your files or lose them. Some people like to have a small (no more than 1 GB) /boot partition too. I'm not one of those people.
ok! If you say this will work withoud deleting my windows partitions ill do it! I'll try this ideea as I see some sense in it and hopefully tommorow I'll be her to tell you that it worked Very Happy! Thx by the way and I hope it works!
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