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How do you learn?

What is the latest thing you learn?

How do you learn it?
As Far As Am Concerned, they only way to learn anything is but understanding and critical thinking. I will be the worst rote learner the world has ever seen.
Repetition, repetition, repetition is the best form of learning. So keep reading something. Read about it as well to build your understanding. Then, teach others.
Read about it or watch video, then try it out several times.

Try to understand the important ideas behind each new concept, that way I can remember it and know it better.

Keep building on your knowledge.

Lately I'm trying to learn maths (linear equations at the moment) and basic Python(classes).

Also, I agree, teaching others or helping others helps to consolidate your own knowlegdge.
When I learn, I usually try to understand the material rather than remember it (but if it does indeed come down to memorization, visual loci should be the best mnemonic). Maybe this is so since I'm more of a physicist and mathematician. I guess more memorization is required in say, marine biology. Nevertheless, even in math and physics learning by rote can be effective if it is complementary to understanding. And also, the more you think about something, the easier it is to remember it. The key is to stay focused and think ...

So I would recommend understanding and thinking as a long run learning method (but this may not be very effective in the short term)
Understanding and hands on learning is so much better (at least for me). I am the worse "memorizer" I have ever met. I think this is one of the worst issues in education today, both in the US but even more in other countries.
Someone said that "Repetition is mother of learning."

I found it to be very true.
Learning has several stages. Memorization is the lowest part and Innovation is the highest. The intermediate stages may be understanding, applying, teaching etc. It may be through Formal or Natural education.
However as the original thread starter has asked for the latest topic I have learn, so here it is--I have learn how to cook a light fish curry from my mother yesterday. How did I learn it? Well from active step by step demonstration by my mother. It took me half an hour to learn the basics. However I am still not confident with the spices. May be I require more practice. I am also having difficulties in finding a taster for my dish Very Happy .
I like multimedia learning.
I'm learning Python right now Cool
I'm learning English. I have some trouble with it but i will try my best to improve. Smile
_AVG_ and I are the same. xD I'm also better in Physics and Mathematics than Chemistry and Biology.
I don't like too much memorization. -_- It's not that I hate it but I just don't like remembering and not understanding anything from what I've memorized.

That's why when I want to learn a certain lesson, I'll understand it rather than just memorizing the whole thing. After I understood it, I'll do some exercises or applications so that I won't forget it. This will also help me to have a deeper understanding on the topic. Smile
And yeah, repetition will also help. Very Happy Learning is easier if you keep on repeating and repeating it.

Yesterday, I attended the review class, which I've been going to since last April 11, for the upcoming entrance exam on August. There, I learned some grammar errors in English (right now, I'm really worried if my grammar sounds right Laughing ) and naming of compounds. Actually, I already learned the naming of compounds before. But since I just memorized it because we're required to and not because I want to, I forgot it. xD Glad to learn it again. Very Happy
Right now I am learning functions at a high level. Quiet easy to study.
Im kinda weird... If i read something (i have very high reading comprehension and a general backround knowledge of science/math/music and a few other things) i generally soak it right up. I may not be able to quote the source always but ill be damned if i google it like 6 months later 85% to 95% of the time i am right on topic. Idk tbh how that works for most people but i love to read and have been doing so ever since i was a small child so idk? Razz
Last year I learned Python and I did it by getting me an online book from Books 24x7 and just read through it. Worked ! Luckily my company has a subscription and thus I did not have to pay for it.
Afterwards I started my first Python projects. Of course - while reading - I tried out my first little pieces of code. Meanwhile I have done some larger Python projects.
I think learning goes in five phases:

    Learn some fundamentals, some basics, some theory to get started
    Start acting ( actually do something, use knowledge gained so far )
    Make mistakes
    Correct mistakes
    Improve & help others

Making mistakes ( and correcting them of course ) is an essential part of it. I remember one of my first bad mistakes in Python: forgetting that indentation really is important in Python. Suddenly I had to deal with an error I never saw in any other programming language: "IndentationError: unexpected indent" Confused
just now I am learning joomla. I am referring some online books. About learning I think learning is nothing but progressive discovery of our own ignorance. And that can be done by trial and error method. Rather I should say self teaching is the best teaching
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