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In touch with music

I go through phases. Sometimes I have music playing and don't really hear it. It's in the background. But there are days like today where music resonates with me. Anyone has the same experience?

Also - my tastes vary. One day I'd be taken by a specific artist and play some of the songs over and over again, the next day feel totally indifferent when I hear the vibes.
Just listen, just as background.
Yeah, that's perfectly normal/common, dean. I think most of us go through those sorts of obsessive/indifferent phases... the real question is why? Smile I'm not really sure any ethologists have really figured it out, or if there's been much research into the topic. It seems obvious that it should be influenced by emotional state and/or attention/distraction, but, there's likely more to it than that.
I think you'd be pretty hard pressed to find anybody (sane) who constantly listened to the EXACT same music. Variety is good for you and encourages change / evolution, so our brains tend to run with that even in non-important scenarios I guess?
deanhills wrote:
Sometimes I have music playing and don't really hear it. It's in the background

Same here when I am working. Especially when I am doing calculations. Music just becomes background noise then a tune will start and get my attention for a moment then fade back into the surroundings.
I think music influences you to have certain mood, if you let it. Or your mood influences your liking to certain music at the time you would like to listen.
Sometimes you just absorb the music. Sometimes you analyze it. Sometimes you pick out the lyrics.

Many many layers.
I often choose music according to the mood I am in or the mood I wish to be in.

And I agree too, that sometimes I pretty much ignore music and other times I tune in and focus and become obsessed almost.

And I think the choice of artist is mood related... some days I just love Amy Winehouse... she makes me feel... melancholic, contented, a happy calm.

But other days, say, if I am or wish to be excitable, happy, energetic, outrageous... Amy Winehouse will sound like crap, I'll put on loudly some Crooked Fiddle or Vulgar Grad, and just love it.

And other times I'm not in the slighest bit interested in music, it won't move me at all, and I'd much rather here a well formed argument on Radio National.
I'm mostly amused by people trying to be objective about music (most notably the critics over at More amusing is that a lot of people actually follow that website. They can try all they want, but I've always believed music is as subjective as it goes.

Normally, I'd listen just to get into some mood, but on rare occasions I get goosebumps listening to a particular song and the band/artist that does that usually end up in my favorites.
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