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Concerts recently attended

Which concert you recently attended? And how It was?


I attended a concert of Children Of Bodom in Tel Aviv, Israel yeseterday.
It was cool to see a Melodic Death Legend In our country.
But I personly didn't enjoyed as I expected.
The venue was Sold Out and too crowded, Eventhough a ticket costed 70$ (!!!)
I Barely had a place to stand in the back.
Also the band is too staic in my opinion. They don't move enough.....
Last night - Chickenfoot in Chicago! They rocked, of course!
I've seen Children of Bodom three times and they sold out the venue each time. I expect them to always sell out venues because they're awesome and many people want to see them. Besides, most people want the venue to be packed because you're at a metal show and so it adds to the experience! The last time I saw Bodom we had a huge pit. People pushing and shoving each other around. You'd get shoved one way and then look up and a crowd surfer it flying over you. People were stage diving. People were headbanging. Sweat was flying everywhere. More people pushing, shoving, people getting knocked over. Quite exciting! I was sore for a few days.

As of me, I'd been to way too many shows over the years to list but I'll list just the ones I've been to in the past six months:

Judas Priest (with Thin Lizzy and Black Label Society)
Amon Amarth
Children of Bodom
Symphony X
Blackguard (again)
Amon Amarth (again)
In the concert of Children Of Bodom I attended there were no Pits, Beacause lack of space.
It was so crowded that I barely were able to headbang.
rocking wrote:
In the concert of Children Of Bodom I attended there were no Pits, Beacause lack of space.
It was so crowded that I barely were able to headbang.

Ah well I live in the U.S. and that wouldn't be legal here... We can have packed venues (so in the front and in the back it might be too packed to even headbang but there's room for pits in the middle) but we can't have it that packed for fire safety reasons. Every commercial/public buildings have to adhere to certain fire safety laws that, based on building size, exit routes, etc. has a maximum capacity. Therefore, the venue legally cannot sell more tickets than that and the maximum occupancy is nowhere near full enough to where you can't move at a single part of the venue... Get near the front of the pit area and expect it to be that packed as everyone sardines forward... But if you're on the side or near the bar, you'll have plenty of room...

Here's a video from the last Bodom show I went to... I can see myself at one point...

David Foster and Friends feat. Michael Bolton, Russel Watson, Philip Bailey, Ashanti and Charice.
I saw Crooked Fiddle at Hepburn Springs and it was awesome.

Really nice venue too. Not to mention, free.

That's their clip there is no recording as far as I know at Hepburn Springs.
British reggae band UB40 in Enschede The Netherlands. For me it's the best reggae band of the moment. The concert was great!
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