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NLDG - Feed me your thoughts.

Yo, here's the details so you can take a look.

Provider: GoDaddy
Webhost: Frihost

Just looking for your average feedback, constructive criticism, thanks.
Excellent work Dementei. Really like it. Did you do all of the coding yourself?

I like the contrast of the colours you used. There is a nice symmetry going and all of the spacing is great. I like the slide ribbon at the top with links in them. Nice touch. Well done!

Content wise, that is really an amazing hobby you have.

Just one tiny thing - but this could be a small offsetting negative because of the large collection of images and links, the pages load a bit slower maybe than they should. Or is that just my imagination?
Thanks man, no I did not code it all, just a lot of image edits and changed most of the css off of a template I used. And I do use WordPress, which I've never used before but it's a pretty good CMS I'm liking it's functionality and the broad use of plugins. I recommend saving time and just going off a really great template in combination with a CMS with any site that I do, most of the time. Funny story I actually ran up 20gbs of bandwidth from 20mb of images on the frontpage, I totally forgot about the bandwidth so luckily I uploaded them offsite and asked Bondings for more bandwidth in time haha..

Anyway Disc golf is so great, it's a very challenging sport but once you nail the techniques of the game you will really learn to love it. The community for the game is very cool, the PDGA is growing, and there's been more talk about disc golf so with this site we are capitalizing on what's to come.

So you ever play? It's inexpensive and there are courses everywhere really.

Also, I am not Nikko Locastro I'm just his webmaster/secretary Cool
And I think server 4 is down again, not good..
Dementei wrote:
Also, I am not Nikko Locastro I'm just his webmaster/secretary Cool
And I think server 4 is down again, not good..
OK got it! Sorry to hear Server 4 is giving problems. Although right now it seems to look OK if I look at my signature.
I like the layout, it looks unique
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