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Have faith on you -my poem

Have a faith on you

The World is on your feet
Just try to win it over!
There shall be you and just you
Yeah, your potentiality can cover.

The people never overlook you
But, you can’t go through your latent capability
The clumsier you feel it to be
You are dragged towards disability!

You are able though
The opportunity you miss it so and so
The time comes once, and you are judged
You are damned, Oh No!!

You curse yourself
You couldn’t get on
Your desire can’t come true
Because, you couldn’t let it on.

The world is against you
It seems to you
You can do it all
Please have a faith on you!!
Please have a faith on you!!!

This is originally written by me and I assure it is not copy and paste thing. I know I have errors with my writing but hope you will comment what i should do further to improve it.
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